Brad Lofton: “simply walk down the hall”

This message from Brad Lofton was sent to Dr. Brad Bergstrom and the Valdosta Board of Education and some other people.


Dr. Bergstrom-

As opposed to spending hours online and pouring through publication databases, I would respectfully recommend that you simply walk down the hall to actually discuss Dr. Tom Manning’s experience with Dr. Tom Manning. He’s in the same building with you I assume. No doubt on the same campus. Seems odd that you would publicly discredit a colleague here prior to even talking with him. Dr. Manning’s credentials certainly do not need your validation.

Thank you for finally acknowledging the Sierra Club and all of the other environmental support we have. You are the first to acknowledge it publicly. Our support goes well beyond the Sierra Club, and we provided the Board of Ed with dozens of nationally known environmental leaders who support our project.

If you would be so kind, please meet with us again, and we will provide you actual numbers

so that you don’t have to guess any longer on what the plant produces. I respect you for acknowledging the huge gap between permitted mercury and the insignificant amount the plant will emit. We will also be willing to share Georgia Tech’s involvement with you and review all of the other due diligence we’ve done.

Despite your aggressive fighting of our industrial projects over the years, we have successfully moved forward safely on each occasion, and a lot of folks are employed today as a result. One particular project that you spent a great amount of time fighting ten years ago recently won the Chamber of Commerce’s Existing Industry of the Year Award. Today, despite your nearly unilateral effort to block it, the company is the highest paying manufacturer in Lowndes County with a world class safety record.

The state EPD received your groups appeal to the air permit and dismissed it within hours of receiving it. We’re moving forward with near unanimous support from everywhere.



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1 thought on “Brad Lofton: “simply walk down the hall”

  1. Leigh Touchton

    In regards to Mr. Lofton’s comment that the Industrial Authority has moved forward safely with projects over the years, I’m just wondering if he realizes that Industrial Authority member Norman Bennett was Lowndes County Commission Chair when the IA brought Sterling Chemical to town, and Norman Bennett and every County Commissioner (except Joyce Evans) was subsequently voted out of office because they endorsed Sterling Chemical.

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