Blog tinkering

You may have noticed LAKE has been tinkering with the LAKE blog, On the LAKE Front, for the last few days. Some of the changes are is visible, such as the addition of a Search box, and pages About the blog and the Submissions Policy. You probably also noticed the new blog owl picture at the top of the page.

Some changes you only see if you post a comment. We’ve tried several variations on comment posting to cut down on spam. You may say “what spam?” but that’s because we usually catch it before you see it. By spam we mean comments (often automated) pretending to be relevant to the blog item but really only there to promote some unrelated topic or to sell something. We hope the current settings will decrease the work involved in catching spam while keeping it easy to comment on recent postings.

LAKE welcomes feedback, in comments on the blog or facebook page, or by email to (Yes, the dashes are part of the address.)

We also welcome submissions for posting. See the blog Submissions Policy.

Many owls can see a lot.