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Political Candidate Coverage Policy

This blog covers topics of local interest, and that includes people running for office. If we see you campaigning in a public place or meeting, we may video you or interview you and post it. If you want to submit something to post, we’ll be happy to look at it: see our submissions policy. For political candidates we have a few additional policies:

  1. No personal attacks, not on other candidates, and not on anyone else. “Harry smells bad” or “Sally is ugly” won’t do.
  2. Policy criticisms are welcome, including criticisms of what a candidate said or did. “Harry said he would do X and then did Y instead” is fine: if you provide evidence that X and Y actually happened.
  3. This is a blog of opinion, and LAKE and LAKE bloggers and commenters retain the right to criticise, compliment, ridicule, praise, or otherwise express opinions about candidates and their policies, although as usual we prefer opinions that are backed up by evidence.
  4. You can return the favor, but we take care to stick to issues, policies, and actions, and if you choose to respond with personal attacks they’ll probably never get beyond the comments.
  5. LAKE is a volunteer operation, and this blog consists of items that interest us, so we make no guarantee of equal coverage. If you think we missed something, send it to us (see submissions policy) and we will consider it.
  6. LAKE isn’t usually in the business of endorsing candidates, but we may if we feel like it.
  7. If you don’t like these policies, let us know (see submissions policy).

Thanks for your attention, and we welcome your submissions; see submissions policy.

If you like what we do, you can use the Donate button on the front of the blog.

Candidates Forum by Chamber of Commerce

Today from 5 to 7 PM at the Rainwater Conference Center is the 2011 Meet the Candidates Forum organized by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber’s Meet the Candidates Reception provides an opportunity for Chamber members to meet and hear from candidates running in the Nov. 8 general election. All Chamber members and guests are invited to attend this event at the Rainwater Conference Center. There is no cost to Chamber members to attend.
Here’s the link to RSVP or if you need directions.

Here’s a list of who qualifed to run. As you can see, most local incumbents are running unopposed. Maybe they’ll show up anyway, and there are at least a few contested positions (Valdosta Mayor and Council At Large, Hahira Council 3, Dasher Post 3, and Lake Park Council At Large. This being an odd year, there are no county-wide posts up for election, but the municipal elections affect everyone around here, even people like me who do not live in any of the cities. Whether at this event or elsewhere, you may want to ask the candidates their platforms and positions on local issues.

Usually there’s also an AAUW Lowndes County Political Forum; I don’t know what’s up with that this year. Usually it’s immediately after the Chamber thing, and the AAUW Forum is open to all.