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Videos: Annual Planning Meeting Day 2 @ LCC 2017-02-17

We learned why Lowndes County has gotten religion about Internet access and speed: Moody AFB wants it.

Commissioner Scottie Orenstein made the case for board packets and agendas in electronic form instead of the paper packets they currently use. Maybe they’ll even reveal them to the public before their meetings, like real MSAs do. Meanwhile, Community Engagement means marketing, as in telling people what the county did, not listening to the citizens.

They talked about interconnecting (almost) all of the county’s water systems, about routes to get trucks out of downtown Valdosta. The water-sewer ordinance is in ten or twelve pieces, and the county is all for expanding water and sewer throughout the county as long as it doesn’t cost developers money.

There’s a regional T-SPLOST meeting in Waycross by SGRC Feb 28 2017, but Lowndes commissioners and staff said nothing Continue reading

International Space Station

International Space Station flyover, about 6:40 PM, 9 December 2012, as advertised on Satellite Flybys by spaceweather.com:

ISS 06:41:00 pm SSW 06:44:09 50┬░ -3.3 (very bright)

It was indeed very bright, as bright as Jupiter, which you can't see in the video but which had risen in the east. When the space station got within about 15 degrees of the eastern horizon, it faded out, turning orange first, as you can see in the video. Sunset on the space station!

Here's the video:

International Space Station
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Lowndes County, Georgia, 9 December 2012.


PS: Owed to Haley Hyatt.