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No Runoff in Hahira: plurality will win

The Hahira rule is plurality, not 50% plus 1.

According to email to Gretchen from John Hallman with the Georgia Secretary of State, containing a forward from Jonathan Sumner, Hahira City Manager, originally copied to all the Hahira candidates, Mayor and Council, and many city employees on 25 October 2013:

Subject: No Runoff after General Election

Mayor, Councilmembers, Candidates,

In response to a question submitted to our City Attorney and myself earlier today by Supervisor of Elections Deb Cox, we have determined that a runoff after the November general election is not allowed under our current or even the old Charter (except in the extreme unlikelihood of a tie). The original 1912 charter stated,

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Council Comments @ Hahira 2012-08-02

Here are the rest of the videos from the Hahira City Council meeting of 2 August 2012, including the very interesting scheduled agenda items in which each Council member, the City Manager, and the Mayor give their thoughts on issues relevant to the City of Hahira.

Here’s a video playlist of the entire meeting:

Regular Session, Hahira City Council (Hahira),
Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE), Hahira, Lowndes County, Georgia, 2 August 2012.

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Video Playlist Hahira City Council @ Hahira 2012-08-02

Here’s a video playlist of most of the Hahira City Council Regular Session of Thursday 2 August 2012. Hahira City Council (population about 2,800) spent more time in open public discussion about each of several individual agenda items than the Lowndes County Commission (population 111,000+) typically spends on an entire “open meeting”.

They held a millage hearing and lowered the milage. They discussed developer tap fees (nay), discussed the now-ritual topic of bidding for waste disposal ( nay), and approved a GEFA loan for a new water well (yea). A surprise vote on fixing a tractor (yea) was not on the agenda.

Near the beginning they still have Citizens to Be Heard. Maybe they’re not afraid of their citizens? Citizens mostly wanted to talk about the police chief’s proposal to fine people who didn’t mow their lawns.

A few more videos will be added, probably today, (now available as Council Comments) of the votes on cost of living increases (yea), SPLOST VII (yea), the consent agenda (yea), and council comments at the end of the session.

The agenda is below after the videos; thanks to City Manager Jonathan Sumner for sending it. Here’s the video playlist:


Video Playlist Hahira City Council
Regular Session, Hahira City Council (Hahira),
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE), Hahira, Lowndes County, Georgia, 2 August 2012.


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Hahira hires Special Event Coordinator Sherri Burgess

A press release from Hahira (unknown date), City of Hahira Announces New Special Event Coordinator. She says she started working for Hahira in February. Here’s the PR:
February Third Thursday Restructured

Hahira, GA – After a lengthy search, the City of Hahira recently hired a new Special Event Coordinator. Sherri Burgess will work with the Hahira City Council and Hahira business owners to enhance economic development opportunities in Downtown Hahira. She will coordinate special events and implement new ideas for the citizens of the City of Hahira.

Mrs. Burgess has experience with event planning and retail business management. A long-time resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, she and her husband, Paul, are newcomers to the Hahira area. Paul recently retired as Chief Master Sergeant with the United States Air Force. “We are tremendously pleased to have Sherri join our team,” stated Hahira Mayor Wayne Bullard. “Her talents will only enhance the quality service that citizens of Hahira and the surrounding area have come to know and love in our City.”

Many events are currently in planning for 2011 in Hahira. However, because of the transition, Third Thursday will not have the traditional activities that patrons have come to know and love.

For Further Information, Please Contact:
Jonathan Sumner
City Manager
City of Hahira
(229) 794-2330

Hahira City Council

In the regular meeting, Hahira City Council, June 3, Mr. Benjamin speaks up in Citizens Wishing to be Heard:

As you can see by the pan around the room, the meeting was pretty well attended. The average local government session around here gets maybe a couple of people who aren’t elected or staff. This one had probably half a dozen.

Each Council member, Ralph Clendenin (District 3), Allen Cain (District 2), Terry Benjamin (District 1), and Rose Adams (District 4), made a statment, followed by Jonathan Sumner (City Manager) and Wayne Bullard (Mayor).

Here’s a playlist. Videos by John S. Quarterman and Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE.

Hahira Elected Officials and Staff. Minutes of previous meetings and future schedule.