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Solar energy is a part of God’s plan –Valdosta minister with rooftop solar

Early adopter Rev. George Bennett of First Christian Church of Valdosta gets creation care plus 8% return on investment in his 20 solar panels, just like the Savannah Georgia National Guard got two years ago from the same solar installer. Bennett is very well known around Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia, so his solar decision could be quite influential. If he didn’t even wait for the new solar financing law, solar must be something lots of people will want, especially when they see Rev. Bennett explain it in terms they understand.

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Crawford Powell is a big man

According to David Rodock in the VDT today about last night’s County Commission regular session:
Only one citizen, Dr. Michael Noll, came forward to speak with commissioners. Noll asked commissioners to speak with Industrial Authority board members about the 22.2 acre tract of land that is being considered for purchase by Wiregrass Power LLC. Noll is concerned the company will use the land to pursue previous plans to construct a biomass facility, a proposal which has seen considerable negative community backlash over the last year.

“I think commissioners made this very clear that the Industrial Authority should have been done with this project,” said Paulk. “I don’t think we’ve changed our mind. I can’t speak for the City of Valdosta, but I think they’re prepared to make some moves and make a statement on their behalf in the immediate future. It’s a project that didn’t work and when things don’t work, move on to things that do. That’s my personal opinion.”

District 3 commissioner Crawford Powell offered his insight on the issue, “The issue the Industrial Authority has is they had a contractual agreement on the sale of the property and so they’re trying to work through that but I don’t think there’s any particular excitement on their behalf to continue down that road.”

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Dancing Around the Issue —Dr. Noll

Received this morning on Biomass plant land offer. -jsq
It is unbelievable that despite all the concerns in our community about biomass, the Industrial authority is still considering to sell the land to a company like Wiregrass Power LLC. This is the same company the Industrial Authority once stated it had no faith in anymore. This is the same company that just missed another deadline as stipulated by their contract. And this is the same company that apparently does not have the best interest of our community in mind.
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