Biomass plant land offer: Industrial Authority board meets this morning

A usually reliable source tells me that this morning at 8AM VLCIA will hold a special called board meeting to consider a specific dollar offer from Sterling Planet for the site of the proposed biomass plant. I see nothing in the public notices online. The Industrial Authority’s own online calendar has today marked, although it doesn’t say for what. The VDT’s online calendar does have it listed:
Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority Special Called Meeting
When Friday Jul. 8, 2011 8:00 AM
Description Purpose of meeting is to discus real estate. Call 259-9972.
Where Authority Offices
2110 N. Patterson St.
Valdosta, GA
The VDT calendar doesn’t say what real estate, but the source has usually been correct before. Since it’s about real estate they’ll probably go directly into executive session, which means the public can’t attend that part. However, public can attend the public street outside.

VLCIA Chairman Jerry Jennett previously said:

“They have not asked us for a project extension and I’m pretty sure if they did ask for one, they’d get a no vote.”
That was when he told the VDT that Sterling Planet’s time was up for the biomass project. He already knew then but didn’t tell until a week later that Sterling Planet wants to buy the biomass site.

OK, Chairman Jennett, here’s a chance to get a no vote on the biomass plant, by refusing Sterling Planet’s offer for the site.

And despite VLCIA’s secretive ways, the community is watching.


One thought on “Biomass plant land offer: Industrial Authority board meets this morning

  1. Michael Noll

    Dancing Around the Issue
    It is unbelievable that despite all the concerns in our community about biomass, the Industrial authority is still considering to sell the land to a company like Wiregrass Power LLC. This is the same company the Industrial Authority once stated it had no faith in anymore. This is the same company that just missed another deadline as stipulated by their contract. And this is the same company that apparently does not have the best interest of our community in mind.
    The American Lung Association, the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association have come out strongly against biomass. Local doctors such as Dr. Craig Bishop have joined the ranks of thousands of doctors throughout the nation to speak up against biomass. The Environmental Issues Committee at VSU has spoken up against biomass. The first members of the City Council, the Chair of the Lowndes County Commission, and well respected community leaders such as Dr. Angela Manning and Rev. George Bennett have spoken up against biomass.
    There is no more time for excuses and dancing around the issue. It is time for the Industrial Authority to finally put their foot down and do what is best for our community. It is also time for members of the City Council and the Lowndes County Commission to assert their influence on a body to which they have appointed each individual board member.
    Michael G. Noll, President
    Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy
    P.S.: The above text was also submitted as a letter-to-the editor to the VDT. The VDT changed the title to “Time to put their foot down” …

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