Solar energy is a part of God’s plan –Valdosta minister with rooftop solar

Early adopter Rev. George Bennett of First Christian Church of Valdosta gets creation care plus 8% return on investment in his 20 solar panels, just like the Savannah Georgia National Guard got two years ago from the same solar installer. Bennett is very well known around Valdosta and Lowndes County, Georgia, so his solar decision could be quite influential. If he didn’t even wait for the new solar financing law, solar must be something lots of people will want, especially when they see Rev. Bennett explain it in terms they understand.

Adam Floyd, front page, Valdosta Daily Times, today, 12 May 2015, Valdosta homeowner turns to solar power system,

“Since I’m a minister, I believe that the universe we are living in was created by the God of my understanding and getting that direct energy source from the sun is a part of God’s plan,” said Bennett, who is a minister of the First Christian Church of Valdosta on North Patterson Street.

Bennett’s decision to go solar was not a difficult one for him to make. He had been thinking about it for years. He researched installers, consulted financial advisers and came to the conclusion that solar energy was good for the country, good for the environment and good for his soul.

“We are now able to directly access God’s energy source, the sun. I believe there will be a majority of people who will be able to access solar energy within the next 20 years,” said Bennett. “I believe that it’s essential for the strength and longevity of our country.”

Installer Bill Zagorski of Solar Energy USA, who also did a 400-panel installation for the Georgia National Guard in Savannah, said his busines had doubled in the past few years, and:

“I think it’s public awareness. I think people are starting to figure out that they can make their own energy without burning coal or natural gas.”

Hear that VSU Foundation? It’s time to divest from fossil fuels. Hear that, Sabal Trail, Palmetto Project, GDOT, and FERC? No new pipelines, not for petroleum products, not for natural gas. Rev. Bennett has given the invocation. The sun is rising!