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Lowndes County Boards and Commissions Term Expirations – Current Opportunities 2022-2023

You may want to apply to get appointed to one of these boards, authorities, or commissions.

Some of these opportunities have already passed, but most are in 2023.

For how to apply, see the bottom of the web page for each body.

Lowndes County, News Flash, April 26, 2022,

2022-2023 Boards and Commissions Term Expirations – Current Opportunities

[Lowndes County Boards and Commissions]
Lowndes County Boards and Commissions

Lowndes County Development Authority

  • Gary Moser – 1/09/22

Board of Health

  • Mary Margaret Richardson – 12/31/22
  • Randy Smith – 12/31/22

Valdosta-Lowndes County Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Victoria Copeland – 5/7/23
  • Marion Ramsey – 5/7/23

Valdosta-Lowndes County Airport Authority

  • Anthony Payton – 5/21/23

Lowndes County Public Facilities Authority

  • Crawford Powell – 5/31/23
  • Scott Purvis – 5/31/23

Lowndes County Division of Family and Children Services Board

  • Elsie Napier – 6/30/23

South Georgia Regional Library Board

  • Dr. Beverley Richardson-Blake – 6/30/23
  • Dr. George Gaumond – 6/30/23
  • Gary Wisenbaker – 6/30/23
  • Thomas Lovett – 6/30/23
  • DeWayne Johnson – 6/30/23

Valdosta-Lowndes County Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals

  • Tripp Howell – 6/30/23
  • Charles “Chuck” Smith – 6/30/23 (Rotating appt.) now City’s turn to appt.

Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks and Recreation Authority

  • Suzan Garnett -6/30/23
  • Cisco Diaz – 6/30/23 (Rotating Appt.) – City’s turn to appoint

Valdosta Lowndes County Conference Center and Tourism Authority

  • Commissioner Joyce Evans – 12/31/23
  • Michael Smith – 12/31/23

[2022-2023 Boards and Commissions Term Expirations - Current Opportunities]
2022-2023 Boards and Commissions Term Expirations – Current Opportunities


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Videos: EOC, KLVB, Grinder Pump, Bank, Computers, Health Ordinance, and Alcohol @ LCC 2018-07-24

Longest at 2.5 minutes: appointment to Parks and Rec. Commissioner Scottie Orenstein was not present at this Regular Session of the Lowndes County Commission.

Not on the agenda and not on the county’s website, Chairman’s Announcement of Emergency Operations Center Open House.

The applicant spoke for 6.a. Beer, Wine & Liquor License – Jack’s Chophouse, 4479 N. Valdosta Rd. We have a winner for the RFP for Banking Services.

Maybe they all finally got to read the 7 d. Ordinance Adopting Current Board of Health Rules, since this time Continue reading

Videos: City to County KLVB, Grinder Pump, Bank, Computers, Health Ordinance, and Alcohol @ LCC 2018-07-23

Eight minutes to do your business: yesterday morning’s Lowndes County Commission Work Session. Commissioner Demarcus Marshall took the day off from his work at the City of Valdosta to be there. Not clear the rest of them took it that seriously. He and at least one other Commissioner did get some questions in. And they did all show up, at least. We’ll see if they’re all there for voting this evening at 5:30 PM.

Some interesting questions on the Continue reading

City to County KLVB, Grinder Pump, Bank, Computers, Health Ordinance, and Alcohol @ LCC 2018-07-24 2018-07-23

In an interesting version of a revolving door, county appointee Michael H. McDowell’s KLVB term is expiring, so is Valdosta appointee Bubba Highsmith’s, and the county proposes appointing Highsmith. Highsmith is a State Farm Insurance Agent.

Also on the Lowndes County Commission agenda for 8:30AM Monday morning are: banking services (looks like Ameris Bank costs way less than BB&T, and SunTrust even less, but Ameris has the best interest rate), a computer bulk purchase for $54,795.98, yet another pump purchase, allegedly for $0 dollars because this is actually for specifications rather than actual purchase.

Typical Application: Residential Pump System, Triple “D” Pump Company

Finally, the tabled-from-last-meeting Ordinance about Board of Health Rules: will the Commissioners have had time to read the one copy the County Manager allows them?

Plus an alcohol license, Continue reading

Board of Health meets this morning @ VLCHA 2013-05-21

The Board of Health meets this morning at 7:30 AM, according to the VDT calendar. There’s nothing about this on its own web page. Gretchen is there with the LAKE video camera.


How to implement trash, health, and safety?

Disposal of solid waste (trash/garbage) is a matter of community public health and safety and providing such service is the responsibilty of the local governing bodies. How should trash health and safety responsibly be implemented?

We cannot be left in a situation where residents are either “forced to buy” service from a provider, or have no option but to burn their trash. The government can levy a tax, but they cannot say that residents are forbidden to buy a service from an independent provider.

Such a ruling is

  • unfriendly to those who currently own, or want to start a waste collection business in our county,
  • unfriendly to the residents who are counting on the government to follow the state-legislated goals to
    “protect the health safety, and well-being of its citizens and to protect and enhance the quality of its environment” ,
  • unfriendly to the environment as trash ends up on the side of the road or polluting the air by being burned and leaves us to face a new problem on a different day.

Residents in the unincorporated areas of the county who want curb side collection, for the most part, already purchase it. Those of us using the collection centers do so because it is our preference.

The county should (in my opinion) create a special tax district for waste disposal (it already makes special lighting districts) and tax the residents for the maintenance of the collection centers.


Who implements trash, health, and safety?

As we’ve seen, solid waste is a matter of public health, safety, well-being, and the environment, according to Georgia state law. Whose responsibility is it to protect the environment and the public health, safety, and well-being from solid waste?

Many health and safety issues are handled through the health department, Diagram of the waste hierarchy including the Georgia Department of Public Health, and the South Health District (Ben Hill, Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Echols, Irwin, Lanier, Lowndes, Tift and Turner Counties). Particularly, water quality (septic tanks, well water), food safety, cleanliness of hotels, motels, restaurants, swimming pools and so on are the responsibility of the local health department, such as the Lowndes County Health Department.

However, disposal of solid waste (trash/garbage) is handled by the local municipality or governmental body (county).

The EPA has a variety of documents available about solid waste.

So does the state EPD, as enabled through Georgia Legislation: Existing Rules and Corresponding Laws.

So, where does this leave us? See next post.