City to County KLVB, Grinder Pump, Bank, Computers, Health Ordinance, and Alcohol @ LCC 2018-07-24 2018-07-23

In an interesting version of a revolving door, county appointee Michael H. McDowell’s KLVB term is expiring, so is Valdosta appointee Bubba Highsmith’s, and the county proposes appointing Highsmith. Highsmith is a State Farm Insurance Agent.

Also on the Lowndes County Commission agenda for 8:30AM Monday morning are: banking services (looks like Ameris Bank costs way less than BB&T, and SunTrust even less, but Ameris has the best interest rate), a computer bulk purchase for $54,795.98, yet another pump purchase, allegedly for $0 dollars because this is actually for specifications rather than actual purchase.

Typical Application: Residential Pump System, Triple “D” Pump Company

Finally, the tabled-from-last-meeting Ordinance about Board of Health Rules: will the Commissioners have had time to read the one copy the County Manager allows them?

Plus an alcohol license, without which no meeting of the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners is complete.

WORK SESSION, MONDAY, JULY 23, 2018, 8:30 a.m.
REGULAR SESSION, TUESDAY, JULY 24, 2018, 5:30 p.m.
327 N. Ashley Street – 2nd Floor

  1. Call to Order
  2. Invocation
  3. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
  4. Minutes for Approval
    1. Work Session- July 9, 2018
    2. Regular Session- July 10, 2018
  5. Appointment
    1. Valdosta- Lowndes County Parks and Recreation Authority
      Appoint a member.

      Documents:Valdosta-Lowndes County Parks and Recreation Authority.pdf

  6. Public Hearing
    1. Beer, Wine & Liquor License – Keith Sirmans of Jack's Chophouse, 4479 N. Valdosta Rd., Valdosta, GA
      Board’s Pleasure

      Documents:Beer, Wine, and Liquor License- Keith Sirmans of Jacks Chophouse, LLC, 4479 N. Valdosta Rd.pdf

  7. For Consideration
    1. RFP for Banking Services
      Award Banking Services to Ameris Bank

      Documents:RFP for Banking Services.pdf

    2. Computer Bulk Purchase
      Approval of purchase

      Documents:Computer Bulk Purchase.pdf

    3. Amendments to E-One Grinder Pump Station Specifications
      Approval of amendments to general requirements and standards specifications.

      Documents:Amendments to E-One Grinder Pump Station Specifications.pdf

    4. Ordinance Adopting Current Board of Health Rules
      Approval of ordinance adopting current Board of Health rules

      Documents:Ordinance Adopting Current Board of Health Rules.pdf

    5. Solicitor-General’s VOCA Supplemental Grant MOU
      Authorize chairman to sign 

      Documents:Solicitor-Generals VOCA Supplemental Grant MOU.pdf

  8. Reports – County Manager
  9. Citizens Wishing to be Heard-Please State Your Name and Address
  10. Adjournment


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