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Meter installation for Alton Burns’ solar installation, Coolidge, Thomas County, GA

300x225 Ron Jackson, Alton Burns, John S. Quarterman, in Alton Burns' solar panels, by Alton Burns, 13 February 2015 The same day I wondered if Grady EMC demanding extra insurance was even legal, solar pioneer Alton Burns posted this comment:

Thank You Mr. John Quaterman as I commented on face-book, I talked to Mr. Rex Robertson with Grady EMC today and he told me that the EMC will install my bi-directional meter next week. I ask him, ”how many customers does Grady EMC serve?” he told me 13,000 and then I ask, “how many have solar?” he replied 4. That makes me a solar pioneer and this installation sets the precedence for those who follow. Once again Thank You very Much! Alton Paul Burns

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Alton Burns’ solar installation, Coolidge, Thomas County, GA

300x225 Sign panels, in Alton Burns' solar panels, by Alton Burns, 13 February 2015 Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power of Valdosta installed these solar panels for Alton Burns of Coolidge, in Thomas County, GA.

Last I heard, Grady Electric Membership Corporation had still not done the grid connect, 8 weeks later. Something about wanting insurance. Colquitt EMC never asked for that when they connected my panels. Continue reading

Probation, Sabal Trail, budget, calendar, appointments, Thomas County Commission @ TCC 2014-12-09

The Sabal Trail pipeline and probation payments were major issues at the Thomas County Commission 9AM Tuesday 9 December 2014. Sheriff R. Carlton Powell noted that private probation company Sentinel, which he said serves Lowndes County, was involved in several lawsuits.

Here’s the agenda, and below are links to the videos, followed by a video playlist.

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Sabal Trail opposition at Thomas County Commission @ TCC 2014-12-09

Thomas County citizen Alton Burns, who already wrote to FERC, is on the agenda to speak against the Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline at the Thomas County Commission tomorrow morning, 9AM Monday 9 December 2014 in Thomasville.

Remember, Sabal Trail’s route Alternative 3 would run through Thomasville, and FERC could pick any route, no matter which one Sabal Trail prefers. Plus, with Lowndes County about to vote on the resolution wanting Sabal Trail out of Lowndes County it already sent to FERC and with Valdosta scheduled to vote Thursday night on a resolution of support for Lowndes County’s opposition, the only proposed Sabal Trail route through Georgia that doesn’t go through Lowndes County is that Alternative 3 through Thomasville. Thomas County could do what Dougherty County and Albany already did, and Lowndes County and Valdosta are about to do: pass an ordinance saying no pipeline in this county, and no pipeline in the state of Georgia.

Also note the agenda lists names of potential appointees to seven different boards. Other county commissions could list such names on their agendas.

300x300 Logo, in Thomas County, Georgia, by Board of Commissioners, 6 December 2014 Board of Commissioners
3rd Floor Historic Courthouse
225 N. Broad Street
December 9, 2014, 9:00 a.m.

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