Meter installation for Alton Burns’ solar installation, Coolidge, Thomas County, GA

300x225 Ron Jackson, Alton Burns, John S. Quarterman, in Alton Burns' solar panels, by Alton Burns, 13 February 2015 The same day I wondered if Grady EMC demanding extra insurance was even legal, solar pioneer Alton Burns posted this comment:

Thank You Mr. John Quaterman as I commented on face-book, I talked to Mr. Rex Robertson with Grady EMC today and he told me that the EMC will install my bi-directional meter next week. I ask him, ”how many customers does Grady EMC serve?” he told me 13,000 and then I ask, “how many have solar?” he replied 4. That makes me a solar pioneer and this installation sets the precedence for those who follow. Once again Thank You very Much! Alton Paul Burns

You’re welcome, Alton, and BTW the thanks I like is spelling my name correctly. :-)