Videos: Gresham Event Venue and four other rezonings @ LCC Work 2024-03-11

Update 2024-03-16: Videos: Gresham Event Venue passed 3:2, surprise Hospital Authority bond agreement @ LCC Regular 2024-03-12.

The Lowndes County Commissioners talked a bit about REZ-2024-01 Gresham Event Venue in their Monday morning Work Session, as you can see in these LAKE videos.

Some of the other rezonings got some discussion. Nobody asked any questions about any of the For Consideration items.

They voted Tuesday evening; LAKE videos to come for that.

[Collage @ LCC 11 March 2024]
Collage @ LCC 11 March 2024

Commissioner Scottie Orenstein asked what the opposition was about. County Planner JD Dillard said “there have been a few emails”. There was a concern about traffic, but the fire marshall and county engineer felt there was adequate access to the property to support emergency vehicles. Noise has been the main concern heard.

Commissioner Mark Wisenbaker asked if the barn building existed. Answer: not yet. Might hold a larger gathering space. Could potentially house a band and keep the noise inside.

Commissioner Joyce Evans distinguished inside and outside noise. The County Planner said apparently they were trying to determine how the noise ordinance was enforced or measured. Probably it would be at the property line. The County Planner deferred to Code Enforcement or Legal, who did not comment. Chairman Bill Slaughter said there was a time the noise was supposed to go down and it was not supposed to be heard beyond the property line. He indicated they would have to set and measure noise standards. Also, before the cool-down hour

Commissioner Scottie Orenstein indicated he thought the main issue was not whether the venue needed, or would be successful, or what their finances were. He said he was trying to figure out whether the Planning Commission recommendation was based on issues such as ingress and egress and noise.

About REZ-2024-04 Clyattstone Road Subdivision, Chairman Bill Slaughter raised the issue of covenants.

Below are LAKE videos of each agenda item, with a few comments by Gretchen Quarterman, followed by a LAKE video playlist.

See also the agenda and the board packet.

Here is a LAKE video playlist:


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