Musical chairs in local qualifying

Three out of five voting County Commissioners are not running again, and one has already vacated his seat, plus you have to have a playing card to keep track of who’s running for the state Senate and House.

We already knew State Senator Tim Golden was not running again, and now we know who’s running for that seat: Richard Raines (R), who had said two months ago he was not running again for County Commission District 2, Ellis Black (R) currently House 174, Bikram Mohanty (D) who ran last time and came close, and John Page (R), who thus vacated County Commission District 5.

Because Ellis Black is running for Senate, and even though he qualifed for his House District 174 seat Monday, when he qualified for Senate Wednesday, he left his House seat open. Running for District 174 are Crawford Powell (R), currently County Commissioner for District 3, Jessie Smith (D), and John L. Corbett (R).

The incumbents qualifed for the other House seats, each with no challenger.

As for the three (3) County Commission seats now open, here, read Gretchen’s explanation.

And remember, more changes can still happen, because qualifying has reopened for County Commission District 3, and will have to reopen for District 5.


3 thoughts on “Musical chairs in local qualifying

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  2. laurence nelson

    Richard Raines should not have a hard time beating Ellis Black. If voters which historically have short memories will try to remember Ellis Black’s quote in the Valdosta Daily Times. “Black said”, I’ve got a terrific relationship with Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who makes those assignments, and I should be able to get a more Powerful Position and a Chairmanship. In reading this one would think Black has already won, and is “Powerful” and a “Chairman” the only thing Black left out was an election and the sprinkles on top. On the other hand Richard Raines has kept his word to serve the citizens of Lowndes County his full term as he promised with honesty an integrity. Coincidence or not, John Page has now abandoned his County Commission seat and left the citizens in his district for greener pastures. We the voters need to stop looking for anyone possessing visions of future political admirations to fill our city or county seats, we need Citizens first that are honest, transparent, white, black, man or woman that will absolutely strive to clean up a dysfunctional county commission made up of appointed and elected persons which are out of touch with reality and that continuously loot the citizens purse by any means necessary. As far as the fence jumpers, party hoppers that try taking the short cuts to the top they will find an over grazed field with nothing left but the byproduct to stomp around in. In the end, we the people the citizens win because were better off without them. Now let’s get some new citizens in office that care, and run off the rest that won’t conform to change and start over

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