Moody Family Housing Environmental Assessment published

Spotted first by Michael G. Noll in the VDT yesterday, the document promised by Col. Ford the previous evening. A quick search finds nothing about the Nelson Hill Wells, and no mention of VSU or any of the professors there who have expressed concern and asked for access to the site to conduct an independent study.


In accordance with the National Environmental Policy
Act and Air Force regulations, the Air Force Civil
Engineer Center (AFCEC) has completed a Revised Draft
Environmental Assessment (EA), Finding of No
Significant Impact (FONSI), and a Finding of No
Practicable Alternative (FONPA) to evaluate the
consequences of the following stated proposed action:

The revised Proposed Action would involve the
construction of 11 housing units for senior leadership on
a 15-acre parcel on the base and 90 units on an
approximately 60-acre parcel located northwest of the
city of Valdosta, GA on Val-Del Road (the Val-Del
Parcel). This represents a reduction of 83 homes at the
Val Del site when compared to the original proposal.
Development would also require housing area
transportation infrastructure (e.g., roads) and utility
connections for each housing unit, as well as desired
community features such as athletic areas and community
centers. The land area underlying the on-base units
would be leased to the developer for a period of up to 50
years; the land area for the off-base parcel is privately
owned and a developer will develop, own and operate the
off-base housing area/units.

Hard copies are available for public review at the South
Georgia Regional Library in Valdosta, Georgia. The
public is invited to review these documents and make
comments during the 30-day comment period from now
until March 10, 2014. To comment, or for more
information, contact Captain D. Jason Murley by mail at
AFCEC/CZN, 2261 Hughes Ave Ste 155, Lackland AFB,
TX, 78236-9853, or call (210) 572-9331. Additional,
an electronic copy is available at


That transcription took a bit of manual work; for example the OCR program kept insisting on “Air Farce”.

Here’s the actual draft assessment:

Geophysical and Hydrology Investigation
Moody Air Force Base
Privatized Housing
Val Del Road Parcel
Prepared for:
ACC Group Housing LLC
Prepared by:
Woolpert, Inc.
TTL, Inc.
Geohazards, Inc.
November 15, 2013