Record Georgia temperatures above 100 degrees

Driving north Friday, the temperatures kept getting hotter. John C. Griffin recorded these temperature signs, used here by permission. Friday 29 June 2012:

Record heat wave with triple digits in Macon, Georgia on Riverside Drive at Arkwright Road
Photography by John Griffin (c) 2012 All Rights reserved

I can attest it was still over 100 in Macon after dark Friday.

And it only got worse Saturday 30 June 2012:

Arkwright Road at Riverside Drive – I-75 Exit 169 – Macon, Georgia Record Heat Wave
Photography (c) John Griffin All Rights Reserved

That’s 107 on Friday and 111 Saturday in Macon, where the previous record high for June was 106.

You know, Macon, where Georgia Power is still “studying” and “experimenting” with solar power. Solar power that continues to generate in the heat with no water use. Solar power that can be put on housetops and business roofs and school roofs and parking lots so it’s distributed and doesn’t all go out in a storm. How do we know all that? From other places such as Germany, and New Jersey, and North Carolina, and Austin, Texas that already did it years ago. You know, Germany, where solar power brings clean jobs for energy independence and profit. Germany, 1,000 miles north of us, with sunlight like Alaska. We could do better, here in the south Georgia sun that’s baking Macon.

How do I know that? My solar panels have been through hail storms and heat waves and power outages and I still had power the whole time. Maybe Georgia Power should get their Territoriality Law out of the way so you could get financing to put up panels and maybe even sell your excess power to somebody else who needs it. In Germany, most renewable energy production is owned by farmers and other people, not power companies. Maybe Southern Company should stop sucking up all the money for their nuke boondoggle so we could use it for sun and wind instead.