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Inhaling a heart attack

You thought maybe Dr. Sammons was making this stuff up? In physorg.com from 2009, Inhaling a heart attack: How air pollution can cause heart disease:
Accumulating evidence indicates that an increase in particulate air pollution is associated with an increase in heart attacks and deaths. Research has begun in the relatively new field of environmental cardiology — a field that examines the relationship between air pollution and heart disease.
This link owed to Laura Wiggins Norris and NO COAL PLANT IN BEN HILL COUNTY!


“An error was made” –Luana Goodwin

This LTE appeared in the VTD 23 Jan 2011. -jsq
I wonder if there is any way for the Industrial Authority, County Commission and City Council to now do the right thing for Lowndes County. How can they save face?

Reading the scientific data makes it clear that an error was made, and clearly this data wasn’t made available to those who have been charged with finding appropriate industry for us, industry that will raise the quality of life for the citizens of Lowndes County by providing good jobs. They can be excused for an industry that provides only a few jobs. Jobs are jobs, after all. But how can we help them apologize to all of us and thank those citizens who have spent so many hours of their own time gathering information and providing a forum to educate us? I wish it were possible.

Luana Goodwin

“we are satisfied with the safety of this plant” –Brad Lofton

Giving up on answering Dr. Sammons latest, Brad Lofton resorts to the xenophobia card. -jsq
From: Brad Lofton
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 15:07:16 -0500
Cc: [Dr. Noll, Kay Harris, jsq, lhenderson, hopeforcleanwater]
To: “Bill” [Sammons, Leigh Touchton], aricketts@industrialauthority.com
Subject: Re: Background information on Dr. Christopher Teaf

Thanks again for your e-mail Dr. Sammons. As we have said multiple times now, we are satisfied with the safety of this plant, the numerous experts that have approved it, and the due diligence we have done. You can continue to send ten e-mails a day, yet our position remains the same. I hope the weather is nice today in Massachusetts.
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See also Col. Ricketts on “folks come into the community”. -jsq

Granting a permit is not evaluating safety –Dr. Sammons

Dr. Sammons responds to Brad Lofton’s email. -jsq
From: Bill [Sammons]
Cc: [Dr. Noll, Kay Harris, jsq, lhenderson, hopeforcleanwater]
To: blofton@industrialauthority.com, leigh.touchton@gmail.com, aricketts@industrialauthority.com, [Roy Copeland, Mary Gooding]
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 14:44:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Background information on Dr. Christopher Teaf

Dear Mr. Lofton:

Having talked with many different people in different departments in multiple state governments I do not think that any of them would suggest that granting a permit is the same as “do nothing but evaluate the safety of these projects”. When asked they all say the are following the guidelines set out by EPA/state regulations– they are not evaluating the safety of each project. Many will admit in private that the regulations/guidelines are not up to date with science, but the people in the permitting agencies do not have the authority to grant the permit based on the best available science/data. It’s not dissimilar to discussions of BACT– depending on the size of the stationary source not all BACT is the same.

As an example if you look at the EPA regulations on PM 2.5

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“literally countless … no doubt … the issue has long been resolved” –Brad Lofton

Sidestepping Leigh Touchton’s email, Brad Lofton backs off on Dr. Teaf and forgets how to count. -jsq
From: blofton@industrialauthority.com
To: Leigh Touchton, aricketts@industrialauthority.com, Copeland, Roy, [Mary Gooding] Cc: Bill [Sammmons, Dr. Noll, Kay Harris, jsq, lhenderson, hopeforcleanwater]
Date: Sun, Jan 23, 2011 9:03 am
Subject: Re: Background information on Dr. Christopher Teaf

Thank you for your e-mail Ms. Touchton. Dr. Teaf’s credentials clearly speak for themselves, but as you know, he is only one expert that has provided guidance. His expert opinion is in the overwhelming majority. The state EPD also employs toxicologists and experts that do nothing but evaluate the safety of these projects. The federal EPA does the same. Both groups support biomass and have provided their blessing. This project was also reviewed by experts from VSU, GA Tech, and UGA. It also has been reviewed and blessed by the Obama administration, federal agencies that employ hundreds of experts, the state of GA, Lowndes County, and literally countless environmental groups and experts. There is no doubt about the safety of the three existing biomass plants in Lowndes nor another one. This issue has long since been resolved and the permits have all been approved and are in place at this time.

Have a nice day,


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“Dr. Christopher Teaf’s numerous paid endorsements” –Leigh Touchton

Responding to Brad Lofton’s email.
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 11:20:06 -0500
Subject: Background information on Dr. Christopher Teaf
From: Leigh Touchton
To: Brad Lofton <blofton@industrialauthority.com>, aricketts@industrialauthority.com, [Roy Copeland, Mary Gooding] Cc: [Sammons, Noll, Kay Harris, jsq, lhenderson, hopeforcleanwater]

To Industrial Authority Board:

In regards to the email correspondence from VLCIA Executive Director Brad Lofton concerning Dr. Christopher Teaf, I spent about ten minutes on the internet researching Dr. Christopher Teaf’s numerous paid endorsements around the country for various chemicals. This article


was compelling. Dr. Teaf is on public record endorsing the safety of arsenic in wood as posing no health threats to children (or adults). Numerous lawsuits around the country were adjudicated against his “expert findings” and subsequently the EPA banned CCA (arsenic) treated wood in playground equipment because of the health hazards to children.

I only spent about ten minutes, but I uncovered much information re:

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“I’m not an environmental engineer” –Brad Lofton

He’s responding to Dr. Sammons’ email. Hm, maybe VLCIA should get an environmental engineer on staff. -jsq
Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 5:11 PM
From: Brad Lofton <blofton@industrialauthority.com>

Dr. Sammons:

I’m not an environmental engineer, so I would refer you to the hundreds of environmental groups supporting our project, the federal EPA, the state EPD (not sure how it works in Mass, but these are the groups in GA that are given legal authority to permit and regulate power plants, and after a lengthy review, they have approved this project enthusiastically and certified its safety for GA), all the federal agencies, the FL Dept of Health, Dr. Chris Teaf, an expert toxicologist, and others. It’s not my opinion that counts regarding the absence of =93TONS=94 of dioxin and mercury emissions you claim in your attempt to scare our community as you duck in and out. I’m actually quoting experts. Dr. Teaf’s testimony is on our site, plus the EPD permit, Golder analysis, etc. There’s plenty of additional info there as well for your enjoyment. You are welcome to continue e-mailing my staff, but rest assured, we are moving forward at this time.

Have a nice day,


*Brad Lofton*
Executive Director
Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority
2110 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA
229-259-9972 local
877-259-9972 toll free
229-300-3179 cell

Visit us online @ www.IndustrialAuthority.com

“I also would like specific documentation” –Dr. Sammons

Dr. Sammons is referring to the radio interview the Mayor of Valdosta called in to. LAKE already posted links to the VLCIA’s own videos and FAQ; see if you think they answer Dr. Sammons’ question.


From: Bill
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011 4:35 PM
To: blofton@industrialauthority.com; aricketts@industrialauthority.com
Cc: mgnoll@valdosta.edu; leigh.touchton@gmail.com
Subject: Radio interview


I just listened to Mr. Lofton’s radio interview. It seemed that he was indicating there was substantiating documentation on the IA webpage to support biomass combustion. I could not find it. The videos of the meeting do not constitute valid information.

Could you send me the url[s] where the information is presented on the web page please.

I also would like specific documentation that the plant will not produce dioxin as he asserts in the interview.

Thank you

Bill Sammons

VDT Civics Lesson on How to Stop a Biomass Plant

The VDT explains how to effect change, if anyone is listening. Editorial, 13 Jan 2010, Powerless to stop the power plant:
This week as the rhetoric around the proposed biomass facility has continued heating up, leading up to last night’s forum, one of the main themes has been that “government should do something.”

While the Times does not condone or condemn Chairman Paulk’s actions in the commission meeting Tuesday night, understanding the situation may help shed light on the issue. The county is powerless to do anything to stop this power plant. The only governmental entity with any power over the project is the city, and that’s only in the form of the services being extended and the water being sold to the company, as well as the sewage sludge that’s being burned. They too are powerless at this point to stop it.

The editorial continues with the tired old excuse “they can be sued”. Don’t they have insurance for that? If the whole thing goes as bad as some opponents predict, they could be sued for the kind of financial disaster that faces Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

There is one governmental entity that does have the power. Ah, here it is: Continue reading

VDT and WCTV on WACE anti-biomass meeting

The first word is the key word in David Rodock’s VDT article today, Opponents to proposed biomass plant speak out at meeting:
Experts from a variety of fields presented the health risks, pollution and water issues, and other concerns involved with the construction of a biomass plant in Valdosta Thursday at the Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy (WACE) forum held Thursday evening.
The Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) has repeatedly claimed to have a long list of experts on its side; Brad Lofton wants everyone to see him read his laundry list of authorities and experts. “I will proudly share it with everyone,” he says. The VDT points out that there are experts who are against the plant. Experts whom the VLCIA can’t even bring itself to name, only allude to as “folks come into the community”.

Even the caption on the VDT picture is telling: Continue reading