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“I’m not an environmental engineer” –Brad Lofton

He’s responding to Dr. Sammons’ email. Hm, maybe VLCIA should get an environmental engineer on staff. -jsq
Date: Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 5:11 PM
From: Brad Lofton <blofton@industrialauthority.com>

Dr. Sammons:

I’m not an environmental engineer, so I would refer you to the hundreds of environmental groups supporting our project, the federal EPA, the state EPD (not sure how it works in Mass, but these are the groups in GA that are given legal authority to permit and regulate power plants, and after a lengthy review, they have approved this project enthusiastically and certified its safety for GA), all the federal agencies, the FL Dept of Health, Dr. Chris Teaf, an expert toxicologist, and others. It’s not my opinion that counts regarding the absence of =93TONS=94 of dioxin and mercury emissions you claim in your attempt to scare our community as you duck in and out. I’m actually quoting experts. Dr. Teaf’s testimony is on our site, plus the EPD permit, Golder analysis, etc. There’s plenty of additional info there as well for your enjoyment. You are welcome to continue e-mailing my staff, but rest assured, we are moving forward at this time.

Have a nice day,


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“I also would like specific documentation” –Dr. Sammons

Dr. Sammons is referring to the radio interview the Mayor of Valdosta called in to. LAKE already posted links to the VLCIA’s own videos and FAQ; see if you think they answer Dr. Sammons’ question.


From: Bill
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011 4:35 PM
To: blofton@industrialauthority.com; aricketts@industrialauthority.com
Cc: mgnoll@valdosta.edu; leigh.touchton@gmail.com
Subject: Radio interview


I just listened to Mr. Lofton’s radio interview. It seemed that he was indicating there was substantiating documentation on the IA webpage to support biomass combustion. I could not find it. The videos of the meeting do not constitute valid information.

Could you send me the url[s] where the information is presented on the web page please.

I also would like specific documentation that the plant will not produce dioxin as he asserts in the interview.

Thank you

Bill Sammons

Europe has clean incinerators; why can’t we?

Elisabeth Rosenthal write in the NY Times about Europe Finds Clean Energy in Trash, but U.S. Lags:
Far cleaner than conventional incinerators, this new type of plant converts local trash into heat and electricity. Dozens of filters catch pollutants, from mercury to dioxin, that would have emerged from its smokestack only a decade ago.
Here’s the catch:
Denmark now has 29 such plants, serving 98 municipalities in a country of 5.5 million people, and 10 more are planned or under construction. Across Europe, there are about 400 plants, with Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands leading the pack in expanding them and building new ones.

By contrast, no new waste-to-energy plants are being planned or built in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency says — even though the federal government and 24 states now classify waste that is burned this way for energy as a renewable fuel, in many cases eligible for subsidies. There are only 87 trash-burning power plants in the United States, a country of more than 300 million people, and almost all were built at least 15 years ago.

That means the biomass plant proposed for Valdosta is not that kind of clean incinerator.