VDT and WCTV on WACE anti-biomass meeting

The first word is the key word in David Rodock’s VDT article today, Opponents to proposed biomass plant speak out at meeting:
Experts from a variety of fields presented the health risks, pollution and water issues, and other concerns involved with the construction of a biomass plant in Valdosta Thursday at the Wiregrass Activists for Clean Energy (WACE) forum held Thursday evening.
The Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority (VLCIA) has repeatedly claimed to have a long list of experts on its side; Brad Lofton wants everyone to see him read his laundry list of authorities and experts. “I will proudly share it with everyone,” he says. The VDT points out that there are experts who are against the plant. Experts whom the VLCIA can’t even bring itself to name, only allude to as “folks come into the community”.

Even the caption on the VDT picture is telling:

A large crowd attended the meeting about the new Biomass plant Thursday at the University Center at Valdosta State University.
VLCIA and Chairman Paulk have claimed that only a tiny minority opposes the plant. That crowd looks about the same size as the crowd at the VLCIA’s own pro-biomass event on 6 Dec 2010, at which most of the questions were quite sceptical about the plant. Seems to me more people turn out against the plant than for it.

WCTV also filed a video report showing Dr. William Sammons saying people should “damned scared”. Here are Dr. Sammons’ slides from a previous event and video of him speaking.

WCTV reporter Dontaye Carter even went to the plant site. “Despite what their opposition says,” they also quote Brad Lofton as saying the plant will be clean and green.

Crowds continue to turn out in opposition, and newspaper and TV coverage of them increases, but with Chairman Paulk providing front page publicity for biomass opponents, what can you expect?