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Lake Park City Council meeting and special election

Former Council Member Jeff Spradley in the audience
At their 3 May 2011 meeting, the Lake Park City Council acknowledged that one of their number had moved out of the city limits and resigned, so they had to decide whether to hold a special election or just wait until the November regular election. After long deliberation, which seemed to be decided by the precedent of Dasher going ahead with a special election, Lake Park decided this:

Mayor Walter K. Sandlin, Council Member Ronald Carter, Council Member Eric Schindler, City Attorney Rob Plumb, Mayor Pro-Tem Council Member Paul Mulkey
Due to the resignation of Council Member Spradley
a Special Election will be held
September 20, 2011 to fill the vacancy.
Qualifying period will open on June 1st and end
12 noon on June 3rd.
There is a qualifying fee of $54.00.
We have no wards. All positions are “at large”.
For more information please contact us at
So if you live in Lake Park and you want to run, you need to qualify by noon today. Mayor Sandlin predicted there would be multiple qualifiers. We’ll see how it goes.

Incidentally, the entire council is up for election in November, including whoever wins the special election will have to run again in November if they want to stay on the council.

In that and other business, it is quite interesting watching this city council interact rather informally with citizens, yet taking some care Continue reading

VSU-TV Rebroadcasts of AAUW Forum

Dennis Marks notes that VSU-TV’s rebroadcasts of the AAUW Forum of 15 Sep 2009 will include the two-minute statements of unopposed candidates who showed up. Those are not in the LAKE videos of the event which are already on YouTube, but pretty much everything else is. Maybe VSU-TV will also put their videos online.

According to email from Walter Rollenhagen:

The Lowndes Co. Political Forum, or as we label it, VOTE 2009, will air on VSU-TV cable channel 20:

Sunday, Oct. 4th at Noon

Saturday, Oct. 10th at Noon and Midnight

Saturday, Oct. 17th at Noon and Midnight

Sunday, Oct. 18th at Noon

Saturday, Oct. 24th at Noon and Midnight

Sunday, Oct. 25th at Noon

Saturday, Oct. 31st at Noon and Midnight

Sunday, Nov. 1st at Noon

Lowndes County Political Forum, AAUW, 15 Sep 2009

By Kenny R. Bush and John S. Quarterman, with videos by Gretchen Quarterman.

On Sept 15, residents of Lowndes County gathered inside VSU’s Whitehead Auditorium for a political forum concerning the upcoming 2009 General Municipal Elections. It was the competing Mayberrys, Hahira and Dasher, in the shadow of the big city of Valdosta with its council and school board. The 100 or so people who watched learned about the candidates. You can too, by watching the videos of each speaker provided by LAKE on YouTube. Perhaps VSU can also be encouraged to release online the videos it took, which are probably of higher quality.

Update: VSU TV rebroadcast schedule for this forum.

Perhaps VSU can also be encouraged to release online the videos it took, which are probably of higher quality.

The event was sponsored by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and moderated by Jim Peterson, chair of the Political Science Department at VSU. Before the forum began, the audience was provided note cards and encouraged to write questions for forum participants. A three person committee then decided which four questions that would be asked on stage for each set of candidates.

Valdosta City Council District 2

The forum began with the five candidates competing to be the newest councilman of Valdosta’s 2nd district. Willie T. Head, the incumbent, is not running, but five other people other are: David G. DeMersseman, David L. Dempsey, Rodney R. Flucas, Deidra A. White, and Dr. L. W. Williams.

(All the other LAKE videos of this AAUW forum are also available online.)

The first question of the night concerned annexing land neighboring Valdosta and if candidates believed it to be a good idea or not. Continue reading