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Ashley Paulk’s Guardian Bank sues Hahira

Hahira declared a moratorium on water and sewer taps in a subdivision financed by Guardian Bank, apparently in hopes of getting the bank to do something about a drainage problem there. Instead, the bank is suing Hahira, echoing a lawsuit the county is pursuing about a contract let when the bank’s Chairman was Lowndes County Chairman.

According to Stuart Taylor in the VDT Friday, Guardian Bank’s chairman said, perhaps using the royal “we”:

“We’re a little disappointed with Hahira,” said Ashley Paulk, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Guardian Bank. “We’ve actually helped them build up their tax base up there…Over the years, we’ve encouraged builders to be up there.”

Me, I think Hahira should have Continue reading

Lake Park City Council meeting and special election

Former Council Member Jeff Spradley in the audience
At their 3 May 2011 meeting, the Lake Park City Council acknowledged that one of their number had moved out of the city limits and resigned, so they had to decide whether to hold a special election or just wait until the November regular election. After long deliberation, which seemed to be decided by the precedent of Dasher going ahead with a special election, Lake Park decided this:

Mayor Walter K. Sandlin, Council Member Ronald Carter, Council Member Eric Schindler, City Attorney Rob Plumb, Mayor Pro-Tem Council Member Paul Mulkey
Due to the resignation of Council Member Spradley
a Special Election will be held
September 20, 2011 to fill the vacancy.
Qualifying period will open on June 1st and end
12 noon on June 3rd.
There is a qualifying fee of $54.00.
We have no wards. All positions are “at large”.
For more information please contact us at
So if you live in Lake Park and you want to run, you need to qualify by noon today. Mayor Sandlin predicted there would be multiple qualifiers. We’ll see how it goes.

Incidentally, the entire council is up for election in November, including whoever wins the special election will have to run again in November if they want to stay on the council.

In that and other business, it is quite interesting watching this city council interact rather informally with citizens, yet taking some care Continue reading