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Planning Commission on subdivision next to Moody AFB, REZ-2013-08 MFH Tract A @ GLPC 2013-07-29

Now you can see what they were looking at: those documents are on the LAKE website for REZ-2013-08 MFH, for a subdivision on Roberts Road immediately next to Moody AFB.

First County Planner Jason Davenport said a few words about the TRC recommendation.

Commissioner Ted Raker (Hahira) wanted clarification about this application would require additional changes to meet the requirements of the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), specifically that it would not help with safety, fire, health, general welfare, etc. “In fact seven out of the eleven were negative.”

Davenport confirmed that that was correct, and that was staff’s analysis. Staff paid by your tax dollars, so you shouldn’t have to file an open records request and pay ten dollars when staff could just put it on the web with the GLPC agenda, which they also don’t now but could easily put on the web.

Nobody spoke for the request. Numerous people spoke in opposition.

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Documents for REZ-2013-08 MFH Tract A on Roberts Road

What the TRC recommended, who the TRC is, the parcel numbers, the Planning Commission board packet, and other related documents are on the LAKE web server for REZ-2013-08 MFH Tract A, 0181 025B & 0181 027, Roberts Rd, 123.45 ac., MAZ I to Residential PD, 184 lots, County Utilities, the rezoning next to Moody AFB that has been withdrawn. The parcel numbers above were not in the GLPC agenda but are in the recommendations of the Technical Review Committee (TRC).

Lowndes County Planner Jason Davenport to TRC 23 July 103, July 29th GLPC Lowndes County Rezoning Update,

Good afternoon Planning Commissioners.

Based on the TRC meeting this morning please find this month’s TRC rezoning recommendations and current analysis below or attached to this e-mail. Continue reading

Proposed development next to Moody AFB has been withdrawn (REZ-2013-08)

Received in response to an open records request to Lowndes County, here is the developer’s withdrawal letter, and correspondence between Lowndes County Zoning and Planning with Moody AFB confirming that this was indeed REZ-2013-08 MFH Tract A on Roberts Road that was withdrawn. It seems the U.S. Air Force would also like to see GLPC minutes online; that request came from Deputy, Housing Division, Air Force Civil Engineering Center, located in San Antonio, Texas.. Also, doesn’t Georgia open meetings law require a summary of actions taken within a few days of a Planning Commission meeting? -jsq

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 19:56:40 -0400
Subject: MAZ-1
From: Roger Sevigny <rsevigny@alleneng.net>
To: Jason Davenport <jdavenport@lowndescounty.com>, <bslaughter@lowndescounty.com>
Cc: Mike Fletcher <mfletcher@lowndescounty.com>, Joe Pritchard <JPritchard@lowndescounty.com>


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