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Still inconsistent, but has speed humps: Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan 2018

The little-known Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan drives development in Lowndes County. With no public notice and no public hearing. the Commissioners voted on it Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Probably you only heard that would happen if you looked at their agenda late last week, or you happened to read what I wrote about it Monday.

Lowndes County Road Map

Obtained through open records request, it’s on the LAKE website now.

Like the 2009 plan, Continue reading

Keep waste sites open and reprioritize SPLOST —William Geyer @ LCC 2012-11-13

William Geyer expressed two widespread opinions, keep the solid waste disposal sites open, and reprioritize SPLOST, when he spoke at Tuesday’s Lowndes County Commission Regular Session. County Manager Joe Pritchard, the driving force behind the waste disposal decision, still wasn’t listening.

Keep the solid waste disposal sites open

Saying he was William Geyer of 5474 Union Road, Hahira, he asked the Commission to reconsider their solid waste plan, and to keep the waste disposal sites open.
There’s people out there that can’t afford what y’all are offering. And with a budget as large as we got, I know there’s some way to keep them open. Not only that, Florida has them, and they don’t even man them. I talk to a lot of people out there, they don’t come here, but I wish you really would reconsider, because it is a plus for this county, the elderly, a lot of people here who are struggling, who can’t afford it. I’m not saying I can’t; I can afford it, but there’s a lot of people here who can’t afford it.

Reprioritize SPLOST

Geyer noted SPLOST was supposed to be for paving roads, but lots of roads hadn’t gotten paved.
At that first SPLOST meeting, it was around 1984 or 5 they did my road, Union Road. What happened to the rest of the roads that are dirt? We’ve somehow lost our priorities. We want a new library, we want a new this or that. What about these people who live on these dirt roads that were promised they’d be paved. County Manager, how many miles of dirt roads do we have in this county?

County Manager Joe Pritchard obviously wasn’t listening, “Pardon me?” he said, after the Chairman prodded him. He didn’t know, either; he motioned Continue reading