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LAKE: Lowndes County Thoroughfare Plan 2018 [Up]

Obtained through open records request. The response from County Clerk Paige Dukes noted:

The plan has not been updated since 2009. The "the Thoroughfare Plan has been revised numerous times" statement is referring to the updates that took place prior to 2009.

The current updates appear to be adding dirt roads and speed tables (speed humps), and a map of designated truck routes. The map of the overall road system does not match the classifications of specific roads, which do not match the "Roadway Classifications" table, which does not match this text on page 2:

Collectors are designated as roads that convey daily traffic volumes in the range of 1,500 to 6,000 vehicles per day (vpd).

Below are images of each page.




Dirt Road Index

Roadway Classifications


Road Maps


Speed Humps