River Hill Cemetery 2018-07-21

Here are pictures of a cemetery at the end of Baytree Road, just east of I-75 and slightly south of the Withlacoochee River.

Stones, Cemetery

The Lowndes County Tax Assessors identify it only as Parcel 0081B 002 with owner “CEMETERY AT WITHALOOCHEE RIVER NEXT TO ELKS CLUB ON PALLBEARERS LANE”.

Tax Assessors Parcel 0081B 002, Maps

FindAGrave identifies it as River Hill Cemetery.

This cemetery is the burial ground for the River Hill Missionary Baptist Church. When a survey of the cemetery was conducted on 2 June 1987, 92 graves were counted. 46 were known graves. The cemetery has suffered some vandalism.

Also, it could use some improvements to its access road.

Inwards, 2018:07:21 10:36:28,, Road

Wrested vegetation, 2018:07:21 10:35:48,, Road

Funerals360 has the address as 2198 Baytree Road, Valdosta, GA 31602, which Google maps agrees is in the correct location.

Numerous sources list River Hill Missionary Baptist Church at 2884 James Rd, Valdosta, GA 31601.

Getting from the church to the cemetery is rather convoluted.

Church to Cemetery (google map), Maps
Google map, River Hill Missionary Baptist Church to River Hill Cemetery

This is partly due to the rerouting of James Road because of the failed 2007 James Road mega-mall project, for which we all keep paying in various ways.

Construction Plans for James Road Widening Project
Construction Plans for James Road Widening Project

Thanks to Aaron Sirmons for the pictures.


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