Videos: Peggy Green apologizes to Nydia Tisdale to avoid jail time

Tuesday morning assailant Peggy Green apologized a year after Nydia Tisdale asked. The judge remarked he was happy at the outcome so nobody had to face jail time. So, if you want your meeting to be private, don’t advertise it as “open to the public”. And when someone shows up with a camera, don’t try to throw them out, especially not physically.

From Nydia’s blog post here’s the video:

Here’s the letter Peggy Green was reading. And here’s background, including Nydia’s video of the incident a year ago, police videos of interviews with the suspect and witnesses, etc.

There’s also the interesting facet of all the magistrate judges in Forsyth County recusing themselves so a judge had to come in from another county. I wonder how many of those judges were at that meeting a year ago and did nothing?

Nydia’s on a roll. First a $200,000 settlement for the Cummings City Council case and now this. Here’s hoping she doesn’t settle so easily in the case of the six missing screams where GA Gov. Nathan Deal and an array of Republican candidates did nothing when Nydia was assaulted by a sheriff’s deputy for videoing another meeting advertised as open to the public.

It’s not so hard to understand: if you advertise a meeting as open to the public, you can’t throw somebody out for videoing without legal consequences.