Sabal Trail uses VDT to threaten eminent domain

Andrea Grover’s response to being caught by the VDT actually knowing about Sabal Trail threats of eminent domain after she said were “hard to believe” is… to use the VDT to threaten eminent domain!

The example the VDT quoted Wednesday of an eminent domain threatening letter from Sabal Trail’s Atlanta law firm was dated 26 November 2013. Yet a year later, today, 28 November 2014, Joe Adgie in Sabal Trail to install taps in Georgia quotes Ms. Grover in the VDT:

Sabal Trail Transmission will install two side taps on its proposed pipeline in Georgia, company officials claimed this week.

Sabal Trail director of stakeholder outreach Andrea Grover said Wednesday the decision was made as the result of ongoing discussions with the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia….

This would supply natural gas from Sabal Trail to customers in the Albany and Moultrie area, she said, and could also serve to counter arguments from property owners that they had been illegally served with eminent domain threats.

Sabal Trail has a time machine now? What else would explain how an agreement with MGAG now would affect Sabal Trail’s Georgia eminent domain threats of a year ago.

Also the VDT quoted Ms. Grover saying that Sabal Trail

“…has identified Dougherty County and Colquitt County as having the greatest potential to need additional gas supplies in the future.”

That’s verbatim out of Sabal Trail’s 21 November 2014 filing with FERC in new docket CP15-17. And it’s a really mysterious assertion when Dougherty County has been losing population since the 1980s and Colquitt County is not growing. The only large county along the proposed pipeline path that is growing rapidly is Lowndes County, and neither Valdosta nor Lowndes County are MGAG customers. Maybe that’s why MGAG didn’t contact local governments before agreeing with Sabal Trail.

Maybe the affected local governments should complain to MGAG.