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Apparently ADS’s landfill gas project wants to take in methane from the closed old landfill, as well, according to a public notice today that proposes a pipeline from the old Evergreen Landfill to the Pecan Row Landfill that has the natural gas turbine. Nevermind the $27,500 fine for PCBs or that coal ash in the landfill that nobody on the Lowndes County Commission or Valdosta City Council or Deep South Solid Waste Authority (SWA) can be bothered to check on. Nevermind the unaccounted for tipping fees or host fees. I wonder if cutting through that vegetative buffer will let the coal ash and PCBs reach the Withlacoochee River more easily?

Location of proposed pipeline from Evergreen Landfill to Pecan Row Landfill
The yellow path indicated for the pipeline is just a guess.


The proposed project located west of Valdosta, in Lowndes County, GA along Wetherington Lane near the Pecan Row Landfill facility (2995 Wetherington Lane, Valdosta, GA, 31601) involves buffer encroachments necessary to install a 30-inch gas pipeline. This pipeline will connect the nearby Evergreen Landfill to the proposed Pecan Row Landfill gas to energy facility. The pipeline easement will be maintained after construction to an herbaceous vegetation level. The project will require buffer disturbance of 30 linear feet along an unnamed tributary to Spring Branch.

This work requires a stream buffer variance complying with the rules of the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, Chapter 391-3-7. Plans may be viewed at and/or written comments submitted to GAEPD, Program Manager, Non-Point Source Program, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Unit, 4220 International Parkway, Suite 101, Atlanta, GA, 30354.



I added the links and drew the annotations on a county tax assessors map. Here’s a more legible version of what Chapter 391-3-7 means.

Update 2014-06-18: Fixed that last link, and put a copy on the LAKE blog in case GA EPD moves it again. -jsq


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