Floods cause oil spill in the tar sands capital of Calgary

Meanwhile, solar panels seldom flood and work again as soon as the sun comes out. And how much more flooding would we get here with a good hurricane sitting still for a while?

John Upton write for Grist 25 June 2013, Calgary floods trigger an oil spill and a mass evacuation,

Epic floods forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes last week in Calgary, Alberta, the tar-sands mining capital of Canada. More than seven inches of rain fell on the city over the course of 60 hours.

Now the floodwaters are subsiding throughout the province, leaving in their wake an oil spill, power outages, and questions about how climate change might affect flooding.

Keltek Trust Soggy Calgary Alberta Premier Alison Redford said the crisis was “like nothing that we’ve ever seen before,” the Calgary Herald reported Monday. “We will live with this forever.”

The heavy rains also appear to have shifted the earth beneath a pipeline near the city of Fort McMurray, triggering a leak of synthetic crude oil. On Monday, energy company Enbridge said a cleanup operation was underway in a wetlands area; initial estimates placed the size of the spill at 500 to 750 barrels.

More in that article. Also, Global Calgary posted this video 21 June 2013, Raw Video: Downtown Calgary flooding:

And as Mario Toneguzzi wrote for the Calgary Herald, Calgary home buyers, sellers in muddy legal waters after flood: People urged to consult lawyers as soon as possible for guidance

Hm, maybe we should stop building homes in floodplains hereabouts….