Many ways Valdosta can stop biomass

VDT says Only city can stop biomass. Well, maybe not only, but they could, by some of the things VDT suggested.

There are other things Valdosta could do, such as what the VSU Faculty Senate did: pass a resolution opposing biomass. Remember, the mayor of Gretna, Florida did that. If little old Gretna can do it, TitleTown USA can do it!

The Valdosta City Council could also hold an ethics investigation of their own appointees to the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority, on the topic of why those appointees are in favor of a project with demonstrated health hazards to the community.

Short of that, Valdosta could demand transparency from VLCIA:

  • Let’s see the land purchase contract.
  • Let’s see all the VLCIA minutes related to the biomass plant, Wiregrass Power LLC, or Sterling Planet.
  • Let’s hear VLCIA board members explain why they are ignoring copious evidence that the biomass plant would be a health hazard.
  • Let’s hear them explain why their legal counsel can’t break a land purchase contract in the light of all that new information.
Oh, and Valdosta could do what Mayor Fretti said they would do: move ahead with expanding the Wiregrass Solar plant. The Valdosta City Council could insist to Sterling Planet that that’s what we want around here: more solar.