Timing confusion —John S. Quarterman

Sent to all four Commissioners and the County Clerk Sunday evening:
Dear Commissioners,

There seems to be confusion as to how long citizens get to be heard. The policy says five minutes. Yet in at least a couple of recent examples, citizens were cut off at less than that,

4 and a half minutes for me on 28 June 2011


4 minutes 39 seconds for Jessica Bryan Hughes on 24 May 2011


You can see the times on the YouTube videos.

This timing confusion may be because

there is no clock in the Commission chambers visible to both the Chairman and the speakers. May I suggest adding one?

Even easier would be to display a countdown on the Commissioners’ laptops and on the big screen behind the Chairman.

Thank you,
John S. Quarterman

2 thoughts on “Timing confusion —John S. Quarterman

  1. Jessica B. Hughes

    A clock would be a great idea, and would be super easy for them to do. And, I’d like to point out, once more, that I was even told by Ashley Paulk that I was given extra time after the meeting was over.

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