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Sunday alcohol sales last night was first reading in Valdosta City Council

Two comments yesterday morning:
Just for clarification purposes – this will be the “first reading” on this issue. No vote will take place tonight. It will be placed on our next council meeting agenda later this month for the second reading. That is when it will come to a vote.
-Tim Carroll
Thanks for the clarification, Mr. Carroll. At the reading today, I hope to present to you and all of the other fine leaders of our city the signatures gathered thus far.
-Alexander Abell
Here is Alexander Abell’s previous letter, which includes a link to the petition.


Sunday Sales of Alcohol —Alexander Abell

Received yesterday. -jsq
Depending on what City Council decides at tomorrow’s meeting, citizens may get a chance to vote in November whether or not to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages in stores on Sundays. As an American and a strong believer in freedom and democracy, I support this vote. I wonder why some protest even having a vote.

I cannot think of a single good legal argument for banning the sale of alcohol on Sundays. If you consider alcohol sinful, you are free not to purchase or consume any no matter the day of the week. If it is not against your own morals, why should

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What do churches think of private prisons?

It’s Sunday, so let’s ask some churches what they think of private prisons.

Episcopal Church:

“The shipping of fathers and mothers to private prisons in far-flung states is guaranteeing a new generation of frightened, angry, disenfranchised children, who are future inmates,” she said, adding that “families who try to visit loved ones are treated as suspects in many prisons. The children cannot understand the lack of warmth and hospitality in the visiting rooms.”

The Episcopal Church’s General Convention is on record in opposition to private prisons.

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