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Valdosta recognized for solar power, LED lighting, wastewater improvements

City of Valdosta PR today 5 December 2014, Valdosta Named “Smart Energy Municipality of the Year”,

The City of Valdosta was named “Smart Energy Municipality of the Year” by the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) on Dec. 4, at an awards banquet held at the Georgia Tech Wardlaw Building in Atlanta, Ga. The event recognized successful individuals, businesses and municipalities who have shown dynamic leadership over the past year in Georgia’s large and growing Smart Energy sector.

Sixty nominations were received collectively in the three categories. In the municipality category, which includes cities, counties and state government agencies, the City of Valdosta was one of two finalists and the overall recipient of the award ” the other finalist was the Georgia Department of Corrections.

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Georgia Power plans to change all streetlights to LEDs

Terri Lupo. South Region Vice President at Georgia Power, has provided further information on Valdosta converting to LED streetlights.

She said on the telephone yesterday that Georgia Power met with Valdosta City Manager Larry Hanson last week. Georgia Power plans over next four years to change out all the streetlights in Georgia, from high pressure sodium (or whatever they’re currently using) to LED lighting. She says that will be more efficient, and will provide more light, with a better pattern of coverage. Valdosta had already expressed interest, so they were one of the first to join this LED streetlight program.

She said it’s not surprising Tim Carroll was a little vague on the details, since Georgia Power is Continue reading

Valdosta converting to LED streetlights

Council Tim Carroll says that City Manager Larry Hanson announced at the City Council meeting Tuesday that Valdosta will be converting all its streetlights to LEDs. This conversion is at least partly funded through a pilot program with Georgia Power. Apparently Georgia Power keeps the savings until they recoup the expenses. Valdosta was one of only four or five cities in the state selected for this program.

More detail when the approved minutes are available in two weeks.


LEDs vs. the entire U.S. nuclear fleet (and gas pipeline)

All U.S. nuclear power reactors could be replaced by LED lighting with a few clever on-off controls. More evidence Plant Vogtle is a boondoggle good for nothing but propping up profits for Georgia Power and Southern Company.

Michael Kanellos wrote for Forbes 28 October 2013, Can LED Bulbs Make Nuclear Plants Obsolete?

One $7 billion nuclear plant like one of Georgia Power’s 1.2 GW units would add a little over 1 percent of capacity. The bulb solution would cost $60 billion, and around $36 billion two years from now, and require only that consumers know how to screw in a light bulb. Nuclear would cost $105 billion, probably more, and take decades.

So maybe it’s not just weather that’s pushing down your demand, Southern Company: maybe Continue reading