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Big Little Water, a talk by Tom Baird, 11 Sep 2012

Tuesday, a talk by a fan from Florida of our own Withlacoochee River, at the VSU Student Center, 7:30 9PM 11 September 2012, free admission. -jsq

Big Little Water by Tom Baird, hosted by Blazer Gardens in conjunction with WWALS

Big Little Water—a survey of the history, geology and archaeology of the Withlacoochee River, with replica artifacts people can handle, and slides.

“I’ll also get into some of the current threats to the river and maybe we can get into a good discussion and Q&A.”

Withlacoochee River Tom Baird is an education consultant who has previously worked as a high school teacher, community college instructor (oceanography and microbiology), director of a science and environmental center, supervisor of science (K-12) in Pasco Co., FL, Director of Science (PreK-12) in Pinellas Co., FL, Principal of a math/science/technology magnet high school in Pinellas Co., FL. and director of a National Science Foundation program. He is on the boards of the Panhandle Archaeological Society at Tallahassee and the St. Marks Refuge Association. He most enjoys exploring Florida and Georgia rivers by kayak and canoe. He is currently working on a book about the Withlacoochee River of South Georgia and northern Florida.

Blazer Gardens Address:
VSU Student Union
Oak Street @ Baytree Road
Valdosta GA 31698
Map and Directions

WWALS There’s also a facebook invitation.


Blazer Gardens recognized by VDT for promoting healthy food

Healthy food got recognition on the front page of the VDT today.

In today’s capitalistic food market, several people have felt compelled to begin “living organically.” This philosophy has been brought to Valdosta and centralized by a group at Valdosta State University.

Bobbi Hancock, a VSU student, founded Blazer Gardens@VSU in August 2010. The group currently has 14 active members.

“There was reports of a food pantry being implemented on campus and that was implemented because there was students going to the dining hall asking for food,” said Hancock. “I just thought, if we could teach students how to grow food, it would eliminate a lot of the issues we have with campus hunger.”

Blazer Gardens started as nothing but seeds in the yard of Kathryn Grant, an organization member.

“This was an opportunity for me to understand and for me to appreciate how my food is grown,” said Grant.

From their professor:
Dr. Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto, Blazer Gardens faculty advisor and VSU professor of modern classical languages, said she feels compelled to get involved with this organization.

“I think we are what we eat, so I want to be clean and organic and safe,” said Espinosa-Dulanto.

Maybe they can help us all not eat poisons and even stop Monsanto and ConAgra from poisoning our food supply. It’s good health and it’s good business.


Blazer Gardens gets organized at VSU

So, what’s happened after our rooftop tour? Bobbi Anne Hancock explains how she got the idea for Blazer Gardens after she heard about Blazer Pantry, which is Crystal Hardy’s project that provides food for VSU students who don’t have any.

Everybody explained how they heard about Blazer Gardens. Here are few I videoed. Continue reading

LAKE visits Blazer Gardens at VSU

Students growing local food on the roof at VSU? A local chef cooking it for fresh student meals? LAKE had to see this, so Bobbi Anne Hancock showed us where Blazer Gardens will be, on top of the Hugh C. Bailey Science Center.

Greenhouse A will have squash, peppers, and tomatoes, and already has some citrus growing in it; jsq gets a taste:

It all starts with composting. Bobbi and Erin Hurley of SAVE help raise awareness about clean local foods.

Bobbi and Jim Parker discuss how it’s good for you and tastes good, too! Continue reading