Blazer Gardens gets organized at VSU

So, what’s happened after our rooftop tour? Bobbi Anne Hancock explains how she got the idea for Blazer Gardens after she heard about Blazer Pantry, which is Crystal Hardy’s project that provides food for VSU students who don’t have any.

Everybody explained how they heard about Blazer Gardens. Here are few I videoed. Kathryn Grant wants to help people grow their own food. Bobbi is trying to get daughter Abbie to garden, but so far no luck. Abbie videoed the whole meeting, though.

A student explains the VSU Horticulture Club’s new name: Secret Garden Society.

Erin Hurley says how she heard about the garden, gets introduced by Bobbi, and then explains SAVE, Students Against Violating the Environment.

Crystal Hardy gets introduced by Bobbi, and then explains Blazer Pantry.

Here’s a playlist.

Chef Buddy Boswell also spoke about cooking fresh food; stay tuned for that.