Intervene about Fukushima –Japanese Senator Taro Yamamato

Movie actor Taro Yamamoto, who broke a taboo when he spoke out about Fukushima, and another when he was elected to the Japanese upper house in July, yesterday broke an even bigger one when he personally presented a request to Emperor Akihito about the health effects of the disaster at nuclear Fukushima Dai-Ichi. Some reaction […]

TEPCO lied about Fukushima radiation: it’s 18 times worse

Officer, I wasn’t speeding, I pegged my speedometer at 50, nevermind all those people I ran over! Like TEPCO using radiation detectors that maxed out much lower than the actual levels. Is this an industry we want building new nukes in Georgia? Mike Adams wrote for 1 September 2013, TEPCO admits deliberately using radiation […]

Japanese government forced to take over Fukushima nuclear crisis

This is not the type of “crisis” or “leak” that ends quickly even with the Japanese government now taking over from TEPCO: radioactive water has been seeping into groundwater and the Pacific Ocean for two years, many of those tanks holding radioactive water, built with rubber seams only meant to last five years, are leaking, […]

Fukushima has contaminated its aquifer; what about our aquifer?

Fukushima is dumping radioactive water into its aquifer. Plant Hatch is the same design and sits above the Floridan Aquifer we drink out of. Can’t happen here? On 19 December 2001 TEPCO said there was no possibility of a tsunami large enough to knock out Fukushima Daiichi. Plant Hatch is the same design as Fukushima, […]

News media finally reporting Fukushima leaking radioactive water into ocean

It’s not just a storage tank, either; radioactive water has been leaking for more than two years, from the broken reactor buildings into groundwater and the Pacific Ocean. It’s not just a local Japanese problem: Fukushima is here. The cautious version, by Antoni Slodkowski and Mari Saito, Reuters, today, Radioactive water seeping into Pacific from […]

Fukushima Floating Wind Begins

Japan’s TEPCO is deploying the offshore wind solution we need in Georgia. It’s big baseload, Georgia Power and Southern Company, just like you like! Martin Foster write for Wind Power Monthly 25 June 2013, Work starts on Fukushima floating project: JAPAN: Installation of wind turbines in the testing phase of the biggest offshore floating project […]

Groundwater wall at Fukushima

Same design as Plant Hatch, which is leaking radioactive tritium into our groundwater. And when contamination gets into the watershed it doesn’t go away; there’s not even an ocean at Hatch or Vogtle for it to disperse into. Tsuyoshi Inajima and Yuji Okada wrote for Bloomberg News today, Japan Orders Tepco to Build Underground Wall […]

Another rat at Fukushima: cooling down third time in five weeks

It doesn’t take a tsunami to take down Fukushima: rats can do it repeatedly., and Google Translate version, Inspection and rat carcasses found cooling system stop: Unit 2 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (23 minutes 15:22 April last update) 01 minutes 13:22 April Mainichi Shimbun in 2013 From state = Fukuichi live camera of […]

Fukushima still broken 2 years after

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that heavily damaged four of the six nuclear reactors at Fukushima Dai-ichi in Japan on 11 March 2011, also known as 3/11. The broken reactors at Fukushima continue to leak radioactive substances into groundwater, the sea, and the air, where it is carried across oceans […]

2 gigawatts of Wind Power off Fukushima, plus solar

Southern Company didn’t do the renewable energy study for Georgia when Mark Z. Jacobson’s study showed All U.S. east coast electricity could come from offshore wind 3 seasons out of 4. Now somebody else has, including how to build offshore wind turbines to withstand hurricanes. Rob Gilhooly wrote for New Scientist 16 January 2013, Japan […]