Videos: 6 Lowndes County cases, 1 Lake Park, 1 Valdosta @ GLPC 2024-04-29

Update 2024-04-10: Packet: Hospital Authority appointment, 6 rezonings, paving and resurfacing, subdivision infrastructure, probationers @ LCC 2024-05-13.

For an hour and 42 minutes the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission discussed and recommended for or against eight rezoning cases.

Two Lowndes County Commissioners attended: Scottie Orenstein and Joyce Evans. The Lowndes County Commission will hear these cases this week, or so we assume, since they have no agenda posted yet.

At the Planning Commission, nobody spoke against most of the cases on the agenda, and the Commissioners unanimously recommended approval of those, sometimes with conditions.

Only two cases were very slightly controversial.

[Collage @ LCC 29 April 2024]
Collage @ LCC 29 April 2024

Clint Joyner said, “I’m telling you, these lots are going to fly off the market.”, at 6. REZ-2024-08 River Road, 4374 River Road, 0144 041A, ~15 acres R-21 to P-D Commissioners modified conditions 2 and 4 about setbacks and side yards. Then they recommended approval with one vote against, about fire safety.

Commissioners asked about road work and traffic counts on Val Del Road, in 7. REZ-2024-09 Dasher Grove Subdivision, Dasher Grove Rd., 0072 191, ~192 acres. Answer from Lowndes County Planner JD Dillard: there’s a project approved at the corner of Val Del and North Valdosta Road, and something else coming down the pike. Meanwhile, initially there is no exit from this property onto Val Del Road, since it will develop from the west to the east. Regarding lots, 120 platted and ready to sell as lots.

Howard Dasher spoke for his development. Commissioner Steve Miller asked how long it would take? Answer: two phases, and probably four or five years. There were questions about a road, apparently to connect to Val Del. There was more discussion.

Speaking against, someone said Dasher Grove Road is already like a superhighway, and adding more to it would be a bigger problem. He wants the road rerouted. He also wanted to know would the new development have a new homeowner association or would it be part of the existing one, which is funded and maintained by the current residents.

Another Grove Point resident said traffic from Val Del would be routed right by their pools, park, and kids.

Gretchen Quarterman noted, “Tommy Willis made a motion to deny. Ron Blythwood seconded. Vote to deny was 2-6 with Willis and Blythwood voting to deny and all others against denial. Interesting both Commissioners Willis and Blythwood are both running for County Comission District seat 5. Was this just pandering to a portion of the electorate?”

“Commissioner Chip Wiles made an excellent explanation of land use and the exercise of zoning powers. He then made a motion to approve with an eventual second by Commisioner James Miller after a change in one of the conditions. There was extensive discussion. The vote was 6-2 to approve the rezoning.”

Below are links to each LAKE video of each agenda item, with a few notes by Gretchen Quarterman, followed by a LAKE video playlist.

See also the agenda and board packet.

Here is a LAKE video playlist:


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