Lake Park Zoning Ordinance, LAR Properties, Valdosta Personal Care & Church @ GLPC 2021-08-30

Update 2021-09-13: LAKE videos.

For Monday evening it’s a light agenda for the Greater Lowndes Planning Commission.

[Map, Sales, Business, Agenda]
Map, Sales, Business, Agenda

One curious item is REZ-2021-14 LAR Properties of Lake Park, 5359 Mill Store Rd., 0200 292A, ±12.76 ac., P-D to C-H, County Utilities. That appears to be a vacant lot behind an RV store.

[Map: LAR Properties, Lowndes County Tax Assessors]
Map: LAR Properties, Lowndes County Tax Assessors

Google maps thinks the RV store is Day Bros RV, and their own website agrees. But if you go to google streetview, the sign out front says Alliance Coach RV Sales & Service.

According to the Lowndes County Tax Assessors, Day Bros RV Sales LLC sold both lots on May 22, 2020, to LAR Properties of Lake Park LLC.

Sales, Lowndes County Tax Assessors

According to the Georgia Secretary of State, LAR Properties LLC was formed on February 18, 2020, and has a principal office address in Johnson City, Tennessee.

[GA Sec. State]
GA Sec. State

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow something more about who that is and what they want to do.

Here is the agenda.

Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
~ Lowndes County ~ City of Valdosta ~ City of Dasher ~
~ City of Hahira ~ City of Lake Park ~ City of Remerton ~
Monday, August 23, 2021 5:30 P.M. Work Session
Monday, August 30, 2021 5:30 P.M. Regular Session
Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue, Valdosta, Georgia

  1. Call to Order, Pledge, and Invocation
  2. Approval of the Meeting Minutes: July 26, 2021

    City of Lake Park Cases:

    FINAL ACTION by the City of Lake Park, 120 N Essa St., Lake Park, Georgia
    Lake Park City Hall, Monday, September 7th, 2021 6:00 pm
    Point of Contact: Tabitha Fowler – City Clerk, (229) 559-7470

  3. Amendments to the City of Lake Park Zoning Ordinance, adopted on January 7, 1988, and all subsequent amendments.

    Lowndes County Cases:

    FINAL ACTION by the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners, 327 N. Ashley Street,
    Valdosta, Georgia, Lowndes County Judicial and Administrative Complex
    Commission Chambers, 2nd Floor, Tuesday, September 14th, 2021, 5:30 pm
    Point of Contact: JD Dillard, Director – Planning & Zoning, (229) 671-2430

  4. REZ-2021-14 LAR Properties of Lake Park, 5359 Mill Store Rd., 0200 292A, ±12.76 ac., P-D to C-H, County Utilities

    City of Valdosta Cases:

    FINAL ACTION by the City of Valdosta Mayor-Council, 216 E. Central Avenue,
    Valdosta, Georgia, Valdosta City Hall, Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
    Thursday, September 9th, 2021, 5:30 p.m.
    Point of Contact: Matt Martin – Planning and Zoning Administrator (229) 259-3563

  5. CU-2021-04 Blue Wright Holdings, 1006 Slater Street, CUP for a Family Personal Care Home in R-P zoning
  6. CU-2021-05 LeRoy Butler, Jr., 820 Woodlawn Drive, CUP for a Church facility in R-6 zoning




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