Valdosta packet items @ GLPC 2015-11-30

Within hours in response to an open records request she took over the telephone, Zoning Location Map Valdosta City Clerk Teresa Bolden sent PDF of the packet materials for the six Valdosta items for tonight’s GLPC meeting, at no charge, including all the maps. See below those six Valdosta items linked into a copy of agenda: a funeral home, a radio station, a church accessory, a community commercial rezoning, an amendment to a Planned Development, and City of Valdosta sign regulations changes.

The change to the Withlacoochee River Wastewater Treatment Plant remains invisible, because, since it’s in the Lowndes County part of the agenda, the City of Valdosta can’t divulge it. The materials for the county subdivision rezoning after the old US 41 N widening. and the Moody Activities Zones (MAZ) Text Amendments are also linked into the agenda below.


Greater Lowndes Planning Commission
Lowndes County City of Valdosta City of Dasher City of Hahira City of Lake Park

Lowndes County South Health District Administrative Office
325 West Savannah Avenue
Monday, November 30, 2015 * 5:30 P.M. * Public Hearing


  1. Approval of the Minutes: October 26, 2015


FINAL ACTION by the Lowndes County Board of Commissioners
Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Lowndes County Judicial and Administrative Complex
Commission Chambers, 2nd Floor
327 North Ashley Street, Valdosta, Georgia
5:30 p.m.
Point of Contact: Jason Davenport, County Planner, (229) 671-2430
  1. TXT-2015-01 Lowndes County Board of Commissioners
    (Tabled from the May 26th & June 29th, July 27th, and October 26th GLPC meetings)

    ULDC Text Amendments- Main Focus: Moody Activity Zoning Districts (MAZ) and other regulations, including but not limited to residential dwellings, family ties land divisions, the Valdosta Regional Airport Overlay, etc., and the updated adoption of the Lowndes County Zoning Map

    Packet materials.

    Update 2015-12-02: comparison table, TRC, Chamber.

  2. REZ-2015-19 Fred and Martha McGill
    Property Location: 4900 A-G Tillman Crossing Road, Hahira, Georgia
    Request to rezone 17.70 acres from its present P-D Non-Residential/condition (Planned Development) zoning district and R- 1 (Low Density Residential) to P-D Non-Residential (Planned Development) zoning district

    Packet materials.

  3. REZ-2015-20 City of Valdosta
    Property Location: Wetherington Lane, Valdosta, Georgia
    Request to amend a previously approved application

    No Packet materials.


FINAL ACTION by the City of Valdosta Mayor-Council
Thursday, December 10, 2015
Valdosta City Hall, 216 E. Central Street, Valdosta, Georgia
Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
5:30 p.m.
Point of Contact: Matt Martin, City Planning and Zoning Administrator (229) 259-3563
  1. CU-2015-05 Carson McLane, Inc.
    Property Location: 108 West Park Avenue
    Request Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for funeral home related facility in a Residential-Professional (R-P) zoning district

    Packet materials.

    Zoning Location Map

    Tax Parcels Aerial

  2. CU-2015-06 Snake Nation Press
    Property Location: 110 West Force Street
    Request Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a radio broadcasting studio, telecommunications tower/antenna, and professional organization offices in a Residential-Professional (R-P) zoning district

    Packet materials.

  3. CU-2015-07 Azalea City Church of God
    Property Location: 1503 & 1505 River Street
    Request Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for an accessory Church use in a Single-Family Residential (R-10) zoning district

    Packet materials.

  4. VA-2015-15 Richard Bonner
    Property Location: 1520 Hickory Road
    Request to rezone 4.15 acres from Single-Family Residential (R-10) to Community Commercial (C-C)

    Packet materials.

  5. VA-2015-16 McAlister Development
    Property Location: SE corner of West Brookwood Drive & North Oak Street
    Request amendment of conditions to an existing Planned Development approval

    Packet materials.

  6. VA-2015-17 City of Valdosta LDR text amendments to Chapter 106 Definitions and Chapter 230 Sign Regulations

    Packet materials.


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