MAZ comparison table: TRC, Chamber, GLPC –Jason Davenport @ GLPC 2015-11-30

Contested County Planner Jason Davenport sent email to the Planning Commission yesterday noon before their evening meeting:

In light of the comments from the Chamber of Commerce from last week related to TXT-2015-01 I have prepared a document that helps show the amendments and various TRC and Chamber recommendations/comments side by side. The amendments are overall organized into two groups, those that are recommended for approval and have no objection and those that have opposition and/or other comments. I will plan to provide physical copies of the attached document at tonight’s meeting. Thank you.

Maybe this is a precedent for the county taking citizen comments more seriously; one hopes it doesn’t apply only to the Chamber.

Here’s the table (PDF on LAKE website), and it’s also linked into the agenda in a previous post.

Amendment Groups with Recommendations of Opposition and/or Additional Comments

Proposed Amendment Group with
(ULDC Section(s))
1 MAZ Density (4.02.04(C)(1)(b), 4.02.04(C)(1)(c), 5.02.02) Approval Oppose
2 MAZ Noise (4.02.04(C)(6)) Approval: Planning, Utilities, Inspections, Engineering, Fire/Rescue
Denial: Zoning, Board of Health Noted Concerns: Enforcement & Cost (Inspections), Liability (Engineering), Historical Relevance (Zoning)
Comments: Add Proposal, Leave Existing Language, Enforce Existing Language, Add Historical Noise Contour Reference
3 MAZ Dwelling Design Standards (4.01.03(B)) Approval: Planning, Inspections, Engineering, Utilities Fire/Rescue
Denial: Zoning, Board of Health Main Concerns: Too Restrictive (Engineering, Zoning, Utilities, Fire/Rescue)
No Objection
8 Hotels/Motels and Bed and Breakfasts (2.03.03) Approval: Planning, Inspections Denial: Zoning, Engineering, Utilities, Fire/Rescue, Board of Health
Comments: Presence and Investment in Water/Sewer Infrastructure and Potential Previous Desire from Moody AFB for closer Hotel/Motel Use
No Objection
4 MAZ Other (1.09.01, 2.01.06, 2.03.03, 4.01.02(F), 4.02.04, 4.07.06, 5.02.08, 5.03.02, 5.04.07, 5.05.03, 5.05.04, 8.02.02, 9.01.05) Approval Objection (4.02.04)
No Objection (Other Sections)
Comments: Minor Changes to 4.01.02, 4.07.06
5 Allowing Legal Nonconforming Dwellings in All Zoning Districts (9.01.01, 9.01.02) Approval Neutral
6 Family Ties Land Divisions (4.04.04) Approval No Objection
7 Valdosta Regional Airport (VLD) Overlay (4.02.03) Approval No Objection
9 Commercial Greenhouses and Nurseries (2.03.03, 4.03.03) Approval No Objection
10 Telecommunications Towers (5.05.03, 5.05.04) Approval No Objection
11 Signs (5.04.07, 9.01.06) Approval No Objection
12 Land Disturbance (Appendix A Section 4(C)) Approval No Objection
13 Administrative/Clerical (4.03.00, 4.01.01(G), etc.) Approval No Objection
14 The adoption of an updated Lowndes County Zoning Map (2.01.01) Approval No Objection


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