Rural revaluation meeting at Farm Bureau 2015-08-04

Are Bill Gates and subdivisions really more important than agriculture or rivers or public transportation? Come to Farm Bureau tomorrow evening and find out what’s going on with the rural land revaluation. facebook event.

When: 7PM, Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Where: 3296 Greystone Way, Valdosta, GA, (229) 242-7876

By: Farm Bureau board member Buddy Coleman called this meeting.

What: Compare the Comprehensive Plan to this revaluation here (PDF).

Sprawl: sprawling residential growth is a certain ticket to fiscal ruin (Or at least big tax increases). PDF of the report by UGA Prof. Jeffrey H. Dorfman Lowndes County paid for in 2007, The Local Government Fiscal Impacts of Land Use in Lowndes County.

Who: At least some of the Lowndes County Tax Assessors (W.G. Walker, Mike Hill, and Leroy Butler Jr.) and staff (Silas Hrobar, Chief Appraiser) responsible for this revaluation that would push development into the agricultural regions of the county will be there. And remember, according to one of the Tax Assessors, if you object to this revaluation, the way to get how it was done changed is to appeal to the Board of Equalization.

The Tax Commissioner, Felicia Williams, has also been invited, although she had nothing to do with it.

Come help us find out what’s going on, and what we can do about it.