Sabal Trail front page Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Now that Atlanta has finally taken notice there’s even more reason to repel these pipeline invaders. 300x434 Page A1, in Sabal Trail front page Atlanta Journal-Constitution, by John S. Quarterman, 3 April 2015 There’s still time to submit an amicus brief for the court case in Leesburg, Georgia. And time to file an ecomment or an out-of-time motion to intervene against Sabal Trail. Or against Elba Island LNG or against Transco and Atlanta Gas Light’s Dalton Expansion Project. Or to oppose Kinder Morgan’s southeast Georgia Palmetto oil pipeline at the Georgia Department of Transportation or GA-EDP. Both those state agencies have to provide permits for Sabal Trail to get the Georgia emininent domain it demands in Leesburg, so they are relevant to Sabal Trail, as well, as is your opinion and those of all local elected governments in Georgia.

Dan Chapman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3 April 2015, Pipeline project fuels fight on state’s future,

Regardless of route, Sabal Trail opponents fear pipeline construction could create sinkholes that drain streams or puncture subterranean waterways. Much of the ground below southwest Georgia is limestone that allows water to flow easily between streams, springs and wells. Leaks, they fear, could send gas into the water supply.

“Pipelines are the safest form of transporting natural gas,” responded [Spectra Energy Director of Stakeholder Outreach Andrea] Grover, adding that Sabal Trail would piggyback on existing gas and electric transmission lines for 70 percent of its journey through Georgia. “We want to operate a safe pipeline, stay in business and be part of the communities once we get there.”

We don’t have to settle for the least bad anymore. Florida doesn’t need any more natural gas, and even Ms. Grover didn’t try to claim any customers in Georgia for this article, even though Spectra attorneys are claiming exactly that in Leesburg.

“Atlanta is surrounded by fossil fuel invaders with more pipelines likely in the future,” said John S. Quarterman, a leader of the anti-Sabal Trail campaign in Valdosta. “But there’s no need for any of this now that solar power is cheaper, far cleaner than oil or gas and doesn’t require pipelines, terminals, compressor stations, eminent domain or environmental degradation.”

Spectra’s buying up land because it expects the usual FERC and state agency rubberstamp:

Spectra has cobbled together 20 percent of the needed easements along the main proposed route and cleared the land around the Albany pump station. Opponents say they’re not giving in.

“They want to pay you money for your land, but money is not just everything,” said Rosalyn Bridges, who owns 300 acres in Mitchell County. “Air and water can not be replaced. They are gifts from God, your creator. We have the Garden of Eden down here.”

You can help preserve our paradise. Citizen activism already got a Georgia solar financing law that will boost Georgia even higher than fastest-growing solar market in the country. Solar growth like compound interest will win, in less than a decade We just need to stop these last gasps of greed by 20th century companies from destroying our paradise before the carbon bubble pops.


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