Sugar Creek sewer main, permit, WWTP –VDT @ VCC 2015-03-19

The VDT has some information apparently from the agenda packet the city didn’t publish with its agenda for Thursday. Joe Adgie, VDT, 17 March 2015, City Council to consider revisions to radar ordinance,

Bids will be considered for the sewer main at Sugar Creek near Gornto Road and near the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks.

The sewer main has become exposed due to ongoing steam bank erosion, and the sewer main has started to sag. The city said this exposure needs to be repaired sooner rather than later, as the exposure could lead to a failure, and could allow raw sewage to directly leak into Sugar Creek.

This would be a violation of the city’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit with the state.

The recommended bid comes from Garney Companies, Inc., for $286,000.

Other bids come from Radney Plumbing, Inc. for $311,000; Standard Contractors, Inc. for $337,800; and James Warren and Associates for $638,846.33.

The city will consider an amendment to the design/build contract with Parsons Engineering for a watershed assessment and an associated antidegradation analysis for the new Withlacoochee Water Pollution Control Plant.

The amendment would allow Parsons Engineering to perform the required assessment for $353,072.


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