Anti-tethering ordinance proposal by Dr. Amanda Hall and others @ LCC 2015-01-27

All the anti-tethering videos from the Monday morning 26 January 2015 Work Session (presentation by Dr. Amanda Hall) and the Tuesday evening 27 January 2015 Regular Session (four citizens and the Chairman) of the Lowndes County Commission. More details from the VDT 24 January 2015 and 28 January 2015, and see the Break the Chains facebook page.

  • 5. Dr Amanda Hall presentation on anti-tethering 5. Dr Amanda Hall presentation on anti-tethering


  • 5. Comment on proposed anti-chaining ordinance 5. Comment on proposed anti-chaining ordinance


  • 9. CWTBH – Alan Canup 9. CWTBH - Alan Canup

    Video. As a Realtor he rides around numerous subdivisions, and sees two kinds of dog owners: (1) owners that tie up a dog while they’re there, because they have no fenced yard, and (2) owners that leave a dog tied up outside with nobody there, no food, no water. The latter kind can cause an insurer to cancel insurance due to liability. And he’s lost many a rental due to a tethered dog next door. He recommends that an adult be required to be with the dog if it’s tethered.

  • 9. CWTBH – Jeff Creamer 9. CWTBH - Jeff Creamer

    Video. As a veterinarian, he sees very poorly socialized patients, and those dogs are more likely to bite, are seldom seen unless they’re in dire need, often have parasites, and sometimes have collars embedded that require surgicial removal because they’ve been left tied up so long. Tied up dogs also get chewed up by other dogs because they can’t escape. Numerous professional veterinary associations have statements that oppose tethering. He said Lowndes County considers itself progressive, with its fancy public buildings and sheriff’s vehicles, so maybe it should do something about tethering.

  • 9. CWTBH – Tom Hochschild 9. CWTBH - Tom Hochschild

    Video. Pet owner and Chairman of the Lowndes County Democratic Party thanked Dr. Amanda Hall and the other supporters of the proposed anti-tethering ordinance, also noting the tax burden of tethering.

  • 9. CWTBH – Carol Kellerman 9. CWTBH - Carol Kellerman

    Video. She never saw a dog on a chain that wouldn’t run away if it had a chance.

  • 10. Meeting Adjournment 10. Meeting Adjournment

    Video. Chairman Bill Slaughter said he understood citizen concerns about pets and the Commission had tough decisions which required them to look at all concerns.

Here’s a video playlist:

Anti-tethering ordinance proposal by Dr. Amanda Hall and others
Regular Session, Lowndes County Commission (LCC),
Video by Gretchen Quarterman for Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange (LAKE),
Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, 27 January 2015.