Break the Chains: anti-tether ordinance @ LCC 2015-01-26

Their ordinance is the agenda for Monday morning’s Work Session, and a local organization called Break the Chains is sponsoring a facebook event to get people to show up for Tuesday evening’s Regular Session at 5:30 PM 26 January 2015 to recommend the Commission should pass it.

Joe Adgie, VDT, 24 January 2015, Anti-chain ordinance in future?

A local veterinarian will speak to the Lowndes County Commission Monday to discuss the possibility of an anti-chain ordinance.

Dr. Amanda Hall has been working for more than a year to obtain petitions and develop a presentation to the commission regarding chaining dogs, according to the county.

“It is a fact that over half the calls responded to by Animal Welfare officers are related to dogs that are being kept improperly on a chain,” said Paige Dukes, Lowndes County clerk. “Issues related to chaining include poor general health, no access to water, embedded collars, strangulation, no access to appropriate shelter during times of extreme heat or cold and aggression from day after day of trying to run only to be snapped back by a chain to whatever the dog may be anchored to.”

The current animal control ordinance states that it is unlawful for an animal to not be restrained. There are no mandates on what types of leash are lawful or unlawful.

It’s good the Commission is scheduling local citizens to speak about potential ordinances in their Work Sessions.