Stealth VLCIA real estate meeting last Wednesday @ VLCIA 2014-08-13

Well, the agenda says the Invocation was “For the purpose of discussing real estate”; it doesn’t say what the Executive Session was for.

Maybe they’ve got a customer for one of those empty industrial parks Brad Lofton talked them into building before he left the state.

Maybe they’re going to build some of those spec buildings they and Valdosta Mayor Gayle admire in Vidalia and Douglas.

Maybe they’re still negotiating with Sterling Planet about the land for that biomass plant Lofton stuck them with.

Maybe they’re even talking about using some of their real estate bond-issuing power to issue green bonds for solar power.

Who can say?

Valdosta-Lowndes Development Authority
Agenda/Special Called Meeting
Wednesday, August 13, 2014 12 Noon
Development Authority Conference Room
103 Roosevelt Drive

Call to Order Special Called Meeting


  • For the purpose of discussing real estate

Adjourn Special Called Meeting into Executive Session

Adjourn Executive Session into Special Called Meeting

Adjourn Special Called Meeting