Quitman 10+2 third trial set for 19 August 2014

Will three strikes against the prosecution make it give up on trying to convict the Quitman 10+2? Dear prosecutor, we know you read this blog, because you asked potential jurors at Lula Smart’s second trial,

Have you read or talked to or followed a blog called “On the Lake Front?”

So, dear prosecutor, when is enough enough?

Fannie MJ Gibs notes that Quitman Free press posted on facebook yesterday:

The retrial voter fraud case has been set for August 19 at Brooks County Courthouse. See this week’s issue for details.

So far as I know, Quitman Free Press only prints on paper and does not post any articles online, so we have to guess they’re referring to the Quitman 10.

When George Rhynes first posted about the arrests of the Quitman 10 in December 2010, he remarked:

Today’s arrest will surely end up in the courts.

Who would have expected it to be in the courts three times?

In July 2012, the Chair of the Brooks County Board of Elections tried to throw George Boston Rhynes out of her board’s meeting for videoing, betraying ignorance of state open meetings law. Then she unilaterally declared an executive session without a reason or a vote, also betraying her ignorance of state law. This is the same Board of Elections that permitted the losers in the 2010 Board of Education primary to run in the general, apparently in violation of state law, after calling in the GBI to investigate the winners. It took some digging just to find out who is on that Board of Elections, but the Chair who tried to throw George Rhynes out was Nancy Duncan. And the man at the head of the table who was put on suspension by the board was Ken Collins, Election Supervisor. He had been in place for six months after the previous one, Johnny Spearman, resigned “Due to an unforseen illness”. There do seem to be a lot of elections irregularities in Brooks County, but a lot of them appear to be on the part of the Board of Elections.

The first mistrial of Lula Smart ended 28 September 2013, in which we larned the GBI had little training in voting investigations and they took ballots home from the Board of Elections, plus the judge told George Rhynes no cameras were permitted in the courtroom, yet he let WCTV in.

The second mistrial of Lula Smart ended 20 April 2014, in which we discovered the judge was directly involved in the case on trial: he let the losers in the primary run as write-in candidates in the general election, which appears to be in violation of state law.

And here’s George Boston Rhynes on YouTube 1 August 2014, Quitma 10+2 Introduction to 3rd Trial August 19, 2014

District Attorney David Miller and the Quitman 10+2 must be questioned along the lines of why a U.S. Postal Clerk along with a registra have not been called out for correction or has a new precedence been set for all times that workers can do whatever they want without being called to a standard of professionalism.

Nearly four years and on the third trial, what happened to the Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial? What happened to the Fifth Amendment protection against double jeopardy?

[N]or shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb…

Sure, this is not a capital case, but it has dragged on so long one of the defendants has died.

Dear prosecutor, when is enough enough?