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Lula Smart acquitted on all counts: Quitman 10 vindicated

Lula Smart cleared by a jury in third trial. Third strike by the prosecutors: they’re out! Will they stop wasting our taxpayer dollars now?

Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Daily Report, 17 September 2014, Acquittal in Trial Over Absentee Ballots,

Lula Mary Smart was acquitted on 19 felony charges of voting irregularities Wednesday following a month-long trial in Brooks County Superior Court in South Georgia.

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Quitman 10+2 third trial set for 19 August 2014

Will three strikes against the prosecution make it give up on trying to convict the Quitman 10+2? Dear prosecutor, we know you read this blog, because you asked potential jurors at Lula Smart’s second trial,

Have you read or talked to or followed a blog called “On the Lake Front?”

So, dear prosecutor, when is enough enough?

Fannie MJ Gibs notes that Quitman Free press posted on facebook yesterday:

The retrial voter fraud case has been set for August 19 at Brooks County Courthouse. See this week’s issue for details.

So far as I know, Quitman Free Press only prints on paper and does not post any articles online, so we have to guess they’re referring to the Quitman 10.

When George Rhynes first posted about the arrests of the Quitman 10 in December 2010, he remarked:

Today’s arrest will surely end up in the courts.

Who would have expected it to be in the courts three times?

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Second mistrial of Lula Smart of the Quitman 10 + 2

How many mistrials does it take before the whole Quitman 10 +2 case gets thrown out of court? Two and counting, as of Friday.

George Boston Rhynes interviewed Brooks County Commissioner James Maxwell outside the courthouse in Quitman on a rainy day:

Mistrial! Another mistrial.

And the prosecutor wants to schedule another trial. George asked the Commissioner how much another trial would cost Brooks County.

It will cost quit a bit of money. We could use that money on a day like today to repair roads. People can’t get in and out and here we are wasting the taxpayers on another mistrial.

No evidence! No evidence! And another mistrial.

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The Quitman 10 retrial prosecution reads this blog

George Boston Rhynes is reporting the retrial of Lula Smart of the Quitman 10+2 in Brooks County, Georgia, and its serious issues of voting rights, justice, and education; his first three videos are linked in below. First an amusing observation from yesterday, posted here with permission.

I am lounging outside the Brooks County Courthouse and this is just what I was thinking. We have been here since 8 AM and jury selection is ongoing. To actually eyeball perceived enemies is an humbling experience. How pitiful you have to be to live your life consumed with hatred, venom, bigotry, and a multitude of demonic spirits! Anyway, the greatest take away from day one of the Lula Smart retrial aka the Quitman 10 + 2 is the prosecuting attorney’s question to potential jurors: “have you read or talked to or followed a blog called “On the Lake Front?” Hilarious for those of us who knows what that means!! This kind of evil does kill, but I refuse to allow it to rob me of my joy! Blessed nite. Nite!

-Fannie MJ Gibbs

I’ve always said we had a reader. I just didn’t know it was the Quitman 10+2 prosecution.

Here are George’s first three videos:

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The Quitman 10 in Valdosta

At Serenity Church in Valdosta, 15 Jan 2011, Gladys Lee from Brooks County addressed the Quitman 10 about justice anywhere, about the spirit of conviction, and she said “We are residents, property owners, taxpaying voters!”.

Videos by Gretchen Quarterman for LAKE, the Lowndes Area Knowledge Exchange.

Speaking as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. Floyd Rose addressed the Quitman 10 and the congregation:

Now I want to say though we’ve met on what would have been my 87th birthday may be some place of honor. For this honor I want to thank you, and I must say to you: unless the schools you have named for me teach children how to live as much as how to make a living they will become little more than battlegrounds for the frustrated individuals. Unless the bridges that you have named for me
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