Spectra opens Valdosta office next to Industrial Authority, scene of 2011 anti-biomass protests

VP of Stakeholder Outreach Susan Waller doesn’t want visitors at Spectra’s new office in Valdosta. Which is in the same building as the Industrial Authority, which also didn’t really want some visitors it got during the biomass controversy.

Matthew Woody wrote for the VDT yesterday, Sabal Trail opens Valdosta office,

Susan Waller, vice president of stakeholder outreach and sustainability said, “That is our right-of-way office. It has about 30 right-of-way agents, survey crews, our files and documents, and a few meeting rooms.”

The office houses agents for three counties and will be open in Valdosta for approximately five years, Waller said.

Sabal Trail has eight offices along the pipeline’s route, she said.

“These are not really the facilities for residents to drop by to express concerns because all of the agents will be in and out of the office constantly; however, they could call and make an appointment.”

The VDT didn’t mention that the new Sabal Trail office is at 2010 North Patterson Street, according to the business license filed with the City of Valdosta two weeks ago. That’s the same building as the Industrial Authority, which I hear was somewhat astonished at that news at the VLCIA meeting last week.

Flashback: David Rodock wrote in the VDT 20 April 2011, Proceedings amid protest: Industrial Authority passes project deadlines among protesters,

About 40 citizens were outside the Valdosta-Lowndes County Industrial Authority to protest the proposed Wiregrass LLC biomass facility at the regular monthly meeting.

The now familiar “Biomass? No!” sign was held by numerous citizens standing alongside North Patterson Street, shouting and cheering when the many cars drove by and honked their horns.

Students Against Air Pollution, blocked the main entrance to the Industrial Authority building, staging a “die-in,” in which protesters pretended to be dead in order to symbolize the various health effects associated with biomass incineration.

Throughout the Authority meeting, constant shouts and chants could be heard, such as, “Air pollution is air pollution—biomass is not a substitution!”

At times, it became difficult to hear the meeting proceedings as a result of the chants.

More about those anti-biomass protests at 2010 North Patterson Street.

And let’s not forget Drive Away CCA marching at the Industrial Authority in 2012.

Oh, by the way, in both those cases, the protesters won.

Maybe if Susan Waller and Spectra hadn’t left so many questions unanswered they might not have to worry about citizens dropping in.


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