USAF Environmental Assessment about Val Del Road Moody Housing parcel

The Air Force prepared an Environmental Assessment about the Moody Housing parcel on Val Del Road, but hasn’t made it public. There was a comment period, but that’s expired now.

This announcement apparently has appeared in the VDT since July, according to Michael Noll: USAF announces an Environmental Assessment (Moody Housing on Val Del Road)

The EA is not available online anywhere I’ve looked. This would be the same Air Force that wondered if Lowndes County put stuff online.

To comment, or for more information, contact Mr. Allen Richmond, AFCEC NEPA Center of Excellence Program Manager, by mail at AFCEC/CZN, 2261 Hughes Ave., Lackland AFB, TX 78236-9853, or call (210) 395-8885.

No answer at that number when I called it just now.

The U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) posted this 25 March 2013, NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACT CENTER OF EXCELLENCE,

The National Environmental Policy Act Center of Excellence is a division of the Environmental Directorate of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. The NEPA center manages and executes all Air Force activities pertaining to the Environmental Impact Analysis Process to ensure environmental considerations are factored into proposed Air Force activities.

A civilian chief leads the NEPA center. It consists of Air Force civilian personnel supported by private industry contractors.

With the transformation of the Air Force civil engineering program, the NEPA center assumes many of the responsibilities formerly required of major commands. While the MAJCOMs retain their proponent role, the NEPA center executes their environmental planning function and program management responsibilities. MAJCOMs are staffed with an EIAP coordinator who serves as a liaison to the NEPA center.

The NEPA center executes centralized tracking and reporting of environmental assessments and environmental impact studies. It supports environmental baseline surveys for real property transactions. It also provides technical assistance and EIAP subject matter expertise to installations and MAJCOMs. The NEPA center provides consulting and technical support on planning requirements for EIAP, known as PREIAP. The center provides training on categorical exclusions applicability, in-house environmental assessment and environmental impact study preparation, and PREIAP facilitation skills.

Current as of March 2013

I’m guessing “Mr. Allen Richmond” with no military rank is one of those “private industry contractors”. His name is also on this other Environmental Impact Study that InvestFairbanks (Alaska) posted online.

Too bad Lowndes County or our Industrial Authority or Moody or AFCEC didn’t see fit to post the Moody Housing EA online.


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